Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around here..

Lately, the boys have been learning how to swim.  I realized D is that age that soon he'll be going away to scout camps where there are pools and he needed to know how to swim!  He had done very well.  S loves it so much that he made sure to hold his breath longer, swim farther, jump higher and float better than anyone.  It cracked me up, because two years ago when we tried to put him in swim lessons he hated it and was terrified.  So just waiting two years and trying again worked for us.  Evan was the most scared, and really belonged in the preschool class, but since he's so much bigger than those kids, they wouldn't let him.  So instead of turning into a little fish, he turned into a monkey.  Clinging to the wall (he couldn't touch the bottom) or to his teacher, or hanging on his teacher's back.  He would talk about how he was going to try something new each day, but when it came down to it, he was too scared.  That's okay.  Leia was funny though.  She would tattle on him whenever he was sitting outside the pool.  It usually went something like this (in her high pitched voice): "Uh-oh!!! Evan!!!", and then she'd go up behind him and try to push him in, making him and his teachers laugh.

Leia and I would do flashcards or be silly together while watching them.   Then we would go eat lunch in the park with the Olson family since our boys all like to play together.  Then we would come home around 1pm and die of 100 degree heat (we don't have an air conditioner) until 9pm when you could finally get your second wind and go to the store or do dishes or something.  It has been so hot!!!!!

We're still trying to potty train Leia, and not getting too far.  She really likes panties instead of diapers, but not much beyond that.  We've gotten her to potty in the toilet a couple times, but never poop.  In fact she'll get off the toilet to do that and then when she turns around and sees her poop on the floor she is terrified and screams like you wouldn't believe.  Yep.  It's been fun.

D and I went on a bike ride last week.  His dad had been promising to go with him (that's who he really wanted) for months but one thing after another kept happening, this time it was an injury.  So I offered to go with D.  So we took off- he on his bike- me on Pat's.   Then I realized that the quick trip to Dairy Queen was really 5 miles of mostly up hill.  I obviously am out of shape, but it's hard to exercise when you feel like you live on the surface of the sun.  So we had to get off and walk up the hills.  There were many.  But we rode a lot too.  I was really wishing my rear end had something better to sit on.  D picked a couple of spots that were good for breaks and he carried all the water.  It was fun at the very end because there was a huge almost 1 mile of downhill. 
At Dairy Queen we stashed our bikes behind the sign and got some treats.  As soon as I got my shake I tried to take the lid off and somehow dropped it down the front of me and the whole thing landed upside down on the floor.  Dallas was shocked.  Right then he was really wishing he'd brought his dad.
Speaking of dad, we were about to go ride some more even though it was dark, but he showed up to drive us home.  He was worried about us!  We really had a good time though.  Memories.

The most significant thing that has happened to me recently is that I finally got an answer about school this next school year.  I had been praying about it for weeks both on my knees and sitting up on the swings in our back yard after the sun goes down talking to God about it.  It was so 50/50 for me.  Like a completely equal set of pro's and con's for each decision.  Pat has always been for homeschooling, but lately has been willing to let me put them in the new charter school.  Mostly he just said he wanted me to decide and that he'd support either one.  With summer passing quickly, I set aside a day to fast and go to the temple.  And it's not easy to fast for a whole day when it's so hot.  So after Pat got home from work, I left, and just kept talking it out with the Lord as I drove.  I told him, I think I'll put them in the school, so help me to feel like that is the right thing to do.

As I sat in the session with that thought of school, I looked down at my lap, and was suddenly filled with different thoughts of homeschool.  All these things kept coming to my mind, and all I can say is that it felt like someone was pouring light and joy into my soul.   I was so excited, it was hard to wait to get to the celestial room to just focus on thanking Him.

Gone was all my doubt.  All my worry- gone.  Will I regret some things about not attending the school?  YES!  Especially the really neat families that are going to be there who are and could be friends with my kids.  But I feel at peace about it.  They will have friends, and they will be fine.  And God knows more than I do about what is in their future, and thinks whatever we do at home is more important right now.  Maybe they'll go there next year.  Who knows?  But at least I know for now our course, and it feels so liberating!  Finally I can focus on one thing, and all these ideas I've had before but forgotten are coming back to me along with new ideas about things I should plan to do with them this year.  I am really, really excited.  It's not easy, but knowing that the Lord is behind you makes it worth it.

Now before I go, I just have to say that D just came up to me in a bored voice and said, "Mom, can I do the dishes?"
Ummm, yes? Yes you can.
Then he walked away muttering, "Finally something to do."

(I don't know any more than you do.)

It's almost better in the school year when we have the days planned out.  They're always bored to death in the summer.

But don't feel sorry for them.  Yesterday friends were here for 6 hours and we had hamburgers, mac n' cheese, and homemade yogurt popsicles which they got to eat to their hearts content throughout the day as they played laser tag, went on bike rides, and a bunch of other stuff.  There's just not anything exciting happening RIGHT NOW.

Looks like 4th of July is going to be a bummer too.  It's been too dry and fireworks are practically illegal here.  Not illegal, but neighbors are asking everyone not to do them.  We are just like Colorado.  Too bad.  We were going to have a firework party here.

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Christy said...

I love that feeling when you know you made the right decision and it just feels good. It's awesome! We can't do fireworks here but if you can, I say do it!! Have fun!