Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Life without Mom....

My mom went  to girls camp last week so I am going to tell what happened  here. Most of the time we played on the slip slide and we cleaned a lot we even moved everything around in the bosses room. [scary things live in there.]  We got the ground ready to plant  carrot seeds.

The above was Dallas and Dad is going to finish the rest:
The biggest thing that happened while Karisa was at girls' camp was that our whole bedroom got reorganized.  Nothing ended up in the same spot.  It started with cleaning and just changed into putting things where I thought they should go.  When I talked to Karisa she seemed nervous about that but when she got home she loved the new room, said it made it more fun.  Whew, those things were heavy and I didn't want to move them back.

The other big thing was that soccer is done, yay!  Two days a week that I get free time back.  The last practice was great, I always have the kids play against their parents and it went great this year.  With the parents up 8-6 and the Ninjas about to kick off I yelled that it was half time and we needed to switch sides.  Sam kicked the ball off in the opposite direction and scored an uncontested goal since all the adults were on the other side of the field.  The Ninjas eventually won 9-8 and everyone had fun.  After the game on Saturday (another lopsided loss, this one was only 8-2 though since we were playing 8 vs. 6 the whole game...my poor team) we had a potluck party and it was great to finally talk with the parents in a relaxed manner.  I chatted with the lady from Juarez in Spanish and got to know the couple from our neighboring ward a little better.  I got a Tim Lincecum figure for my desk at work from another parent who had it sitting in the car forever (glad I wore all my Giants' paraphernalia that day) and ate lots of yummy treats.

I don't know what Dallas was talking about that they spent most of the time on the slip and slide, they spent some time out there but we spent most of our time wasting our time (one of my favorite signs I've seen recently says something along the lines of "If you enjoyed that wasted time it wasn't wasted) with video games, movies and sugary cereals.  We did that though while keeping the house almost perfectly clean, getting the garden ready for the few seeds we have, digging wells for our fruit trees and getting the boys piano songs down perfectly!

We all enjoyed the bachelor's life but are really, really glad that Mom is home!

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Christy said...

Sounds like you had a fun week. That was very brave to move things around in the bedroom while she was gone. I am glad it all worked out!!

I hope Karisa had as much fun at girls camp as it sounds like you had at home!