Monday, June 11, 2012

A note about Dallas

Dallas has some funny things he's into.  He is always drawing mazes.  Very intricate detailed mazes.  Then he lets his brothers test them and do them.  He has probably at least 100 mazes right now.

The other day when he was taking apart the old swing set I heard him mutter under his breath, "Swing set, meet your worst enemy.  The adjustable wrench."

Lately he's also taken to watching the news.  He'll wake up early to watch it.  He just asked me if we could go watch the play Mary Poppins- something he saw on the news.  "It would be so neat to see people doing Mary Poppins right in front of me", he said.  I had no idea Mary Poppins was even here in Albuquerque.  I go online and yep!  Cheapest ticket was 78.00.  Blah.  I told him no we couldn't go.

Then he said, "That's okay.  Did you know Florida is flooding?  They've got water up to here (points to his knee)."  No I didn't know that either.  Then he wondered if the businesses would open and told me that some people were just driving around like the water wasn't even there.

Then he told me he's been keeping up with the two wildfires here in NM pointing in the direction where each of them are from our house.  "Oh and did you know someone turned 100 years old today?"

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