Saturday, June 9, 2012

School ends, soccer ends, girls camp ends followed immediately by a week of scout camp, 4-H stuff, other commitments, self reliance fair, Young Womens stuff, illnesses, potty training, Pat out of town, oh, and really need to do yard work and get the garden in before swim lessons start next week.
And I ate something for lunch yesterday at scout camp that made me so sick I thought I was going to die walking around out in the heat.  I tried to sit in the shade and hold very still, and thus I mostly avoided death.  (But I died a little inside.) 

I'll post more about the later, but right now, my only goal is to take a week long nap. 

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Christy said...

I know what you mean. It seems like this last week has been the longest week of our lives so far. Ugh. Thank goodness it is over and we can start again next week!!