Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strange things around here

I live in a really dry, windy, high desert landscape, which is not easy breezy in any way. It is also really beautiful.  A different kind of beauty.  Especially at certain times of the year like right now!
You'll never believe me, but as I was driving in my neighborhood I saw that someone owns a zebra-horse.  The above picture is not mine, but it looked just like that.  Hard to mistake the stripes on the legs since no horse would ever look like that.  It's kind of neat to look at, but why would anyone do that?

Tons of people around here have alpacas. 
And I'll never get tired of the deer that I see when I'm driving driving at night. They jump out right in front of your car and they always surprise me as to how big they are. When I don't see them on the road, I see their foot prints in the yard everywhere.  Oh and do you have any advice on getting goats or sheep?  We would like one (mostly for weed control, but we wouldn't mind some milk, or eventually meat).  We've been researching on it, but if you have any advice feel free to share!

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