Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding and Sealing

Last week my sister got married and my brother got sealed to two of his adopted children.  I was able to go for a couple of days and spend some time with my family.  All 8 of us children were there for the festivities and that doesn't happen very often.

The temple was great, it was my first time even seeing the Sacramento temple (built after I left home) and getting to go inside.  I walked in and my nephew that I never get to see (3 years old) was in the waiting room playing with cars, I asked him if I could drive one and I had a best friend for the rest of the trip.  He kept asking "Where's Pat?"  Of course this led to trouble at the beach (wedding) as before the ceremony we were throwing rocks into the ocean - which is still really fun now that I'm 34, I think my brothers were missing out by not joining us.  He ran a little too close to the receded water line as a big wave was coming in, I grabbed him and tried running backwards only to trip and fall and have the wave overtake me.  My nephew did get held up out of the water though.  I tried explaining to my sister-in-law what a hero I was but she took the view that it was my fault her son was so close to the water anyway.  I think she's wrong and he would have been down there anyway, I was just watching over him.

My sister Amanda married the love of her life on that beach (really windy and slightly cold, especially when one is soaking wet) in a really beautiful, simple ceremony.  Amanda asked for help writing her personalized vows but she soon realized the error of her ways as I turned her beet red with my suggestions.  This is a  sister I have made laugh until she spit milk all over family guests, cry her eyes out and everything in between and I didn't know she could blush like that.  It is so great being an oldest brother.  I would suggest everyone give it a try but it takes a really, really special person to do it right.

I got to hang out with my siblings, eat In-N-Out, help my Mom cook for the reception and get the house nice and clean (and after all that work I had to leave before the reception and didn't get to participate - aside from all the meatballs and pie filling I snitched while helping).  It was a ton of fun...I miss my family.  I got to come home to my wife and kids only to have my wife run off and leave me for a week for girl's camp.

Me and Amanda the day before the wedding

Sacramento temple - that's a big Moroni!

My brother and his family after the sealing ceremony

Note to friends and family - if you steal my camera
and take a stupid self portrait it just might end up on the Internet

I was with my sister's soon to be in-laws making fun of the crazy guy
in the sky blue suit walking up the beach and then realized it was my
Uncle Mike, come to crash the wedding.

Hey, that's me!

Yeah, the two oldest sisters love me enough to misbehave anytime I
have a camera and the two youngest are big babies

Me and my best friend eating pizza after the wedding

No one should be as happy as these two seem to be, it'll only
ruin the rest of their life when they realize they can't always be
that happy (kidding). 


Mary Karlee Mullen said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE SKY BLUE SUIT! We've been dying to see a picture, as we've only heard tales so far. I'll leak it to Ally so she can imagine what her Dad will look like on her wedding day. :)

Pat said...

You're very welcome, we really thought he was some crazy Californian until he got close and I recognized him. Ha, family.