Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

We had a fun (but slightly cold) 4th of July.  Suddenly mid-day, the sky got dark and the wind began to blow, and we got a bit of rain.  Fireworks were restricted a bit so we only did smoke bombs and sparklers.  But we had a last minute party and invited the Paynes and the Bushmans over along with our neighbor Warren and it was a great time!  I learned so much from all of them, and our kids had fun playing together.  We had a little baby pool set up and fresh sand for the sandbox which they enjoyed.  Great food, huge variety of ice-cream bars, and cute kids!
I was so impressed with our neighbor.  He is like family to us and he doesn't get nervous about going to a party of people he doesn't know.  He just gives hugs freely and I was so glad Dallas went over and invited him.  He is part of a motorcycle gang who tours around the country welcoming home those who have been injured or killed at war.  He looks like he's in a motorcycle gang too.  I don't think they actually interfere with the family at all, they just stay in the background so that they know that someone cares about their sacrifice.  Warren fought in the Vietnam war and has seen it all, bless his heart.  He works with Pat, or at least at the same place.

Before I forget I have to say something that happened at girls camp that made me so happy!  My cooking crew was made up of one 20 year old, one bishop, and one woman who just became a grandma, and me.  Whenever the people that ran the camp would come and talk to us, they'd always pick the older ones- figuring they were in charge.  Then they had to point me out so they could come and talk to me.  One of them said, "Her?  She doesn't look like she's old enough to be in the kitchen, much less in charge of it!"   (Totally made my day.)

Yesterday I was at a guitar store getting a string repaired and the guy doing it said something about my sorry guitar, and I said I'd had it since I was sixteen, so a LONG time ago.   He then said, "It couldn't have been that long ago."  (Again, totally made my day.)

I realize I have yet to write about girls camp.  Part of it is because I have so much to write, but not a single picture.  I had no time to take pictures.  So hopefully I'll get some soon.  Pictures make a post so much better.  And yes, I failed to take any of the 4th of July party!  Lame.

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Christy said...

Sounds like a nice 4th.

I totally know what you mean about the age thing. Someone who was visiting our ward asked if my daughter Abby was my sister!! AWESOME!!!!!! Made my day! You do look young and beautiful. I think it helps when you are young at heart!