Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just got 6 cords of wood delivered to get us through the coming winter, and the boys have gone out everyday to stack without anyone asking them.  We'll be stacking wood for days.

Yesterday, as I was preparing to read to the boys at bedtime I found a single chicken egg right in the middle of the hallway.  I called the boys to gather 'round and asked if they saw something wrong or something out of place.  They saw the egg.  So then I asked, and how did it get here?  Unfortunately, I never did get a straight answer to that question, because they began telling me that a chicken must have got in and laid it there, and all sorts of other crazy stories, including Sam claiming that he laid it.

By the way, the book we just finished was called 'Sign of the Beaver' which was about a family of European settlers on Indian land who become friends and we loved it.  Now we are reading the Illiad and Oddessy (shortened, but still it's a big book) because it was Sam's turn to choose and that's what he wanted.  So every night I read to them about the Gods and the bloody battles and wonder what good is going to come of this.

So our piano teacher quit on us, and now only Dallas has lessons (with a lady I met in the community).  I therefore put Dallas in charge of teaching his brothers their 1/2 hour lesson weekly for a very reduced rate, and hoping it works out.  Dallas needs more practicing anyway, and they are all songs he used to know.

I felt bad leaving Sam out so I put him in charge of being our personal trainer, and making us follow our exercise schedule for a small weekly fee.  So at 10am everyday they have to be done playing and done with chores and we all have to exercise.  Each day it's something different.  Monday is just a ballet video we do.  Tuesday's is pilates and I have the list of 20 exercises printed out for him to follow.  Wednesday we just turn on music and dance.  Thursday we play soccer or swim.  Friday is a break for piano lessons.  Saturday is our running day.  Since summer started and it's been so hot, I have been feeling very little motivation to exercise, so maybe with the promise of payment, our personal trainer will get us going.  He is a very SILLY instructor however.  If you can see past that, you might get some good exercise. He likes to say MUSH! MUSH! (Like an Alaskan dog race) and pretends to crack a whip over us. < br />
Also our bunny housing has got to be bumped up quickly.  The family that gave us our bunny, had to move suddenly, and we ended up with 5 more bunnies.  So now we have one male, 2 moms, and 3 babies.  They are meat rabbits and so we have to learn how to do all that.  Hey, it's a learning experience.  If you think we're crazy, I'm sorry.  It's a lot of work, but if I could, I would have a cow and heck, a whole farm!  It makes you incredibly self sufficient and makes for a much healthier diet.  I wouldn't think of it if it was just me, but will all these boys... I think it would be great for them.  Just really hard to go on vacation.

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Christy said...

I think you are amazing and I want to be you!! It sounds like you have everything very organized, and I like that. I am the same way with my kids, to an extent. They have chores every day and have to have their rooms cleaned, beds made, and chores done before they can play.

The egg story cracked me up. I loved that they had all kinds of theories, too funny.

I don't think you are crazy about the bunnies. I am actually impressed. I think teaching your kids self reliance is a great tool for them. Way to go!