Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our great youth

 Just wanted to mention that we had a Stake wide youth conference here this last weekend, and I was so impressed with the wonderful youth and leaders of our stake.  The kids had an amazing time doing service, repelling, swimming, playing, having devotionals, dinners and dancing.  It was held over three days during which time they all camped together at a place not far from my home.  The most impressive feat was their walk to the temple.  They walked 12 miles down the face of the Sandia mountain range all the way to the Albuquerque temple.  It was so hot and difficult, and yet look at their faces after it was over!  They learned that they can do hard things and that no sacrifice is to much to make it to the temple. 
Most inspiring was one of the young men on our ward who had just recovered from an infection and broken leg.  He limped the whole way down, in a lot of pain, and I was thinking if I were his mother I would not have let him go, but he wanted to and there was no stopping him.  We were all in tears about that.  By the time they got off the mountain and onto the city streets they could see only the top of the temple, which of course is the angel Moroni.  They were so overcome that many started running.

It seems like our ward may end up combining with another ward soon, and I am happy about that since we have been losing some of our youth and struggling with small numbers. But the ones we have are strong.  They are constantly an example to me, and I wish I had been as amazing as that when I was young.

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