Saturday, July 14, 2012


Someone stole my camera, and took all these pictures.  Can you guess who?

Here's a clue.  In this picture, I had taken the camera back, and they are begging to have it again.

Are you figuring out who has the camera?

Visiting with our neighbor.
One of the most beautiful things about living here is the big sky!  That's the swingset/playhouse we were given below.

If you guessed Sam had the camera, you were correct.

Now to another day.  Dallas loves to cook, and we were trying some Indian food.  He made these Banana Puris which is a sweet treat.  We liked it very much!  Here's the link:
We took D shoe shopping again, even though we just bought him new shoes 2  months ago.  He had worn them in half!  He and I are now only 1/2 size apart, which means in about 6 months his feet will be the same size or bigger than mine!  He's not even 10 yet!  I am very impressed with D lately.  He's been doing great teaching piano to his brothers, and being polite and kind to everyone.  He is growing up!  (Sigh).  Yesterday we were at the mall and as we were walking he'd hold my hand or walk with our arms draped around each other and I told him he's not allowed to grow since he is the perfect height for my arm.  But he told me his is going to grow.  Darn it.

S and E made this robot.  I was hoping it was going to do all my dishes, but no such luck.  It just shuffles around.  In this picture E is the robot.  He is so funny.  He just lost his first front top tooth and he knew it was time, and told his dad to pull it.  And just like before he said, "Ow", in a totally bored voice and it was done!  He looks so different now.  It's quite funny.
I really love each of my kids so much.  I've been wondering lately about why Heavenly Father wants me to home school again.  A lot of my kids friends are going to the new charter school, and that I love what they're teaching there, and when I called to dis-enroll, they told me how unlikely it will be to ever get in again easily, since they have limits and any open spots go to siblings.  As much as it made me sad to hear that, I was confident in my decision.  It makes me wonder what is in store for us.  Maybe my kids will have to homeschool someday and need to know how.  Maybe many people will have to, and they need to have someone to show them that they can do it.  Maybe they'll open up a school of their own in Africa and need to know how.  Maybe God just wants me to learn the lessons in patience and love that I learn each year.  Or maybe I'm dying soon and he wants me to spend time with them before I go.  I mean who knows?  Maybe it's just the testimonies they're building and things I have planned this year that he thinks are really important.  The truth is I don't know, but I trust in the Lord that he's is having me do it for a wise purpose, even if I won't know that purpose for a time.  But the why has been troubling me lately.  I am excited, but also nervous about what God has in store.

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