Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A bit of stuff

Last night we had some excitement here.  The Haslers came over to help us butcher three bunnies.  And there was a 5 foot long bull snake on my porch!

All went smoothly and well with the rabbits, except for Dallas who fell apart.  He had told me before that when we did it, he wanted us to send him to a friends house and not tell him why.  As they started I found him on the back porch crying.  I guess I should have sent him away.  He went inside and watched a show and that distracted him okay, until I found him crying in bed later.

Pat learned how to do it well, so that's a skill we now have.  I didn't actually do it, but I watched and I'm pretty sure if I were starving, I'd figure it out.  Now I have to cook something with rabbit meat today or tomorrow.  Eww!!!  All I remember from the Little House on the Praire books is the rabbit stew they'd always eat.

We had Pat's coworker show up with 3 of his 4 foster kids from Albuquerque to watch the proceedings also.  They are all very nice boys who were grossed out and fascinated simultaneously.  One of them used to live up here and his mom was killed in a car accident nearby.  Isn't that so sad.  Now he's in foster care.

My Sam had an accident got his leg caught in a golf cart and got hurt pretty badly.  Lost a lot of skin and his leg was really crushed, but miraculously didn't break.  We've been to the doctor and he says it will be fine so we're just doing a lot of wound care.  It is a really yucky wound.

Late last night as we were preparing to get into bed the funniest thing happened.  Dallas came out from his bed laughing and said Sam had just peed.  Sam always gets up in the night and goes to the bathroom- no big deal right?  But we all laughed when Dallas showed us the spot in the closet that Sam had just peed in.  He was sleep walking!  We all looked at Sam, but he was back asleep in bed, seeming annoyed that we'd turned the light on.  Pat remembers his brothers sleep walking and doing the same thing.   I really need my own carpet cleaner.  Like 10 years ago!


Christy said...

Poor Dallas but what a good learning experience for all those kids! I hope you find something enjoyable to make with the meat. Poor Sam and his leg. Doesn't sound good but I am glad it wasn't broken. Hopefully he will heal quickly!

Ben used to sleepwalk when he was a kid and he did that once in the hall closet. (the bathroom door was right next to it and I guess he just miss counted while sleep walking). Too funny. At least it will be a fun think to share later, although not fun to clean up!

Mary Karlee Mullen said...

Wow, that post was jam packed with grossness. You must live with a bunch of boys. :) :)