Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Here's how the barbarian party went down.  First we got barbarian hats and faces painted.  Then because of some issues we ended up waiting an hour for the other three boys who said they were coming to show up.  Unfortunately one of them called and said they couldn't come after all.  We were so sad!!!  But while they were waiting, the one boy who was there on time and Sam went and cut up old soccer shirts to wear over their clothes and look even more barbarous (if that's a word) and played video games.

Finally we had enough boys and they got to attack Pat with eggs.  He thought he could block most of them with his shield...

...but his quote after the game was over and he was covered was, "Eggs hurt".  Yep he took one for the team.  And luckily wore all really old clothes so that we could just throw them away. 

Then we played this game over the mud pit.  I would have used pool noodles, but the stores have already gotten rid of them!!  So we found these squishy sticks to use.  The boys had a lot of fun falling in the mud.

Then they all got hosed off and I put a new plastic tablecloth down and plopped a pile of spaghetti down in front of each barbarian with some roasted drumsticks.  It was hilarious to watch them grunt while they ate with their hands, and throw their chicken bones over their shoulder when they were done.  They were good barbarians.  If there is such a thing.

Then since barbarians need to destroy things, we destroyed the piñata we had made.  Out spilled hay and one gold coin per boy. 

Then we made some giant banana splits and everyone got to eat their hearts out.
The party turned out great and super fun, and I was exhausted at the end.   I had arranged to go to the temple a couple hours after the party ended, thanks to a retired couple at church who were willing to watch all our kids for us.  So Pat and I went to the temple and since we needed dinner we first went to the cafeteria and ate and the temple (soon to be) president joined us.  He's from El Paso like Pat's family and he's so sweet.  Then I just felt this day like the ladies helping me were true angels.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and joy as they spoke to me and thanks to my father in heaven. I am so thankful for the several people at church who watch my kids so I can go and worship there.  The kids had a great time and like the Ettin's house more than ours.  Could be because they have a riding lawn mower and Brother Ettin took them around the neighborhood, letting them drive.  Dal is now BEGGING us for one.  Ha!

Now we skip to today for our family party.  Sam and Dallas are soaking wet because we had a huge downpour and they had to go save the animals.

It was our Stake Conference today and I got to snuggle with Sam for the whole meeting which made me really happy.  He's been grumpy a lot lately and fighting with his brothers, and so it was nice to have a happy Sam today!  Sam has always had this personality where he's the most sensitive and loving deep down, but he has anger issues that can take over him and he can be the meanest too.  I like to say he woke up on the wrong side of life.  Even when he was a baby, he got so upset twice that he stopped breathing and passed out.  It broke my heart.  I think it has to do with the horrible experiences we had nursing in the first 3-4 months of his life.  But maybe not.  Either way, I hope he will grow out of it.  I'm sure he will.   I love him so much.  And I'm so proud of all the amazing things he does.

Mom and Dad got him his scout stuff for his birthday.

Dallas spent lots of his own money to make Sam's birthday special.  He got Sam three gifts totaling $30 and when I said that was too much and not to do that, he said he really wanted to, so I let him.  And he made up a scavenger hunt with clues for Sam to follow to find his present.  He's a great brother, and it was a great birthday!  And a baptism still to come! I can't believe Sam is 8!


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Sam! That party looks like awesome fun. You are a wonderful mother.

Cecilotta said...

That is hilarious! What an awesome barbarian party.

Christy said...

What a fun birthday theme idea. I lOVE it! I might have to steal it! I know what you mean about the tantrums and yet sensitive. My Ammon is just the same. He is my most tender hearted but at the same time, the most explosive. It is so hard. I am glad you had some cuddle time. I know that helps. Glad he had a good time!

Karisa said...

Feel free to use the idea anyone!

Mary Karlee Mullen said...

That barbarian party looked fun!