Sunday, September 30, 2012

A sweet girl

I love watching this little one grow and seeing her personality starting to come out.  She gets super thrilled and a high squeaky voice if she sees a baby or something pretty.  For example on Sundays when she gets to wear a pretty dress, she nearly dies with excitement at the bows, ribbons and such and points them all out to us in her squeaky voice.  Oh that, and, she's crazy.
This was a Sunday morning getting ready for church, when little Leia decided to throw a party with Bella as a reluctant participant. 
Does anyone want this dog?  She has a sad life.
Here's L is eating rice patties with powdered sugar (a traditional breakfast from Pat's mom's side of the family). 
And here she is after dumping out the bag of powdered sugar we left on the table.  This doesn't even show the floor.  It took me forever to hand mop the floor.  Laugh it up, loca.
And here she is in another cute Sunday dress, among our giant sunflowers. 
Two brothers joining in.  D was sick and stayed home today.
Put your tie on Sam!
And now church is over and it's lunch time and she's still crazy!

We love you sunshine girl! (Update:  We had a dr appt today and according to his never fail formula for girls, she is going to be 5'9" when she's grown up.  Crazy! The men on my side and Pat's side are both about 6' tall, but I'm only 5'6"!  Guess I'll steer her toward volleyball!  I love it anyway!)

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