Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I thought these pictures would be fun to look back at when we're all older.  I love these four!

I don't even know why these pictures were taken, and because of my stupid camera, they all turned out mostly bad, but I still wanted to save them.  I've been very proud of my kids lately.  They've done a lot of wonderful things like waking up early and finishing a lot of school before school even starts.  And yesterday Pat was out of town and Dallas cleaned an enormously messy house almost entirely on his own.  On top of that he played babies with his sister and read her books.  Some days I just don't know what gets into them, but they are such a blessing to me!  A big thanks to Dallas in particular today, without whom we'd have no clean dishes to eat off of, and a mess everywhere we went!  He has also discovered Harry Potter and is halfway through book 3 in only 1 1/2 weeks.  He's so funny.  Any book I read to the boys at night, I start off reading 1-2 chapters, and then plan to continue the next night, but by that time, if it's a book that's interesting to Dallas, he'll have read it all by then.  But he listens politely while I finish it for the other two.  Our last book was Matilda.  He read it twice by the time I finished it for the family.  (So technically he read it three times.)  Then we had fun watching the movie.  Sam was seriously scared of the Trunchbull.

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