Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam's Baptism!

Sam did a wonderful job, this day, and acted really grown up and has continued to impress me since! He shook everyone's hands when it was over to thank them for coming and listened well and remembered everything.
 This day turned out wonderful!  We were so sad Pat's family couldn't come this time, but so glad my sister and brother T came.  I think they knew I would break my heart if no one came.  It's hard living so far from home! My mom wanted to come but still can't do all that plane travel.
Sam chose me to lead the music and Brother Kraus to play piano.  Brother Kraus's first name is Garth and that's what Sam called him.  But it sounded like he was saying God.  Sam, who do you want to play piano?  "God."  Tall order.
Sam asked Evan to say the opening prayer.  At first Evan was super scared and said no, but then he did it like it was nothing and grinned his three dimpled grin for everyone to enjoy!  He was awesome and did great!  Uncle T gave the talk on Baptism and did terrific.  Everyone in our ward was begging him to move here.  Dallas gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and even though he didn't want to, I made him, since Sam had asked him, and he did wonderful.  Pat performed the baptism and confirmation and Steph got off easy with the closing prayer, but I made her work to help make treats for everyone. 
For songs, we went through the whole children's songbook, and Sam choose Baptism pg. 100, and Nephi's Courage pg. 120.  I love them both.  Baptism is so beautiful, and Nephi's courage is so fun for all the kids who were there.  Bishop Nuckols presided, and Brother Hasler conducted and was very emotional at how beautiful it all was.  I love love the Hasler's and am so happy for them just getting called to go to Peru to serve a mission.  Their kids are grown and gone now, and they'll be off soon on their mission!  Anyway, it was just a wonderful day!  I was so happy with all the beautiful people from church who came to support Sam, and us as well.  It's so nice to feel loved.  Most of all, I'm thankful to God for sending his son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way and be an example for us.  He was perfect, and had no need to be baptized, but still did it to fulfill all righteousness and to be an example for us who so very much need it.  I know he lives and is our Savior and we will be with him again someday.  I love him and choose to follow him, and hope my children will always do the same. 

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