Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Funny

Me: Dallas, I'll pay you 10 imaginary dollars if you'll find the remote for me.

Dallas: I'll pay YOU 1000 imaginary dollars if you'll do the dishes.

(I laughed so hard.  He wasn't being mean.  Just funny.  I love that we can joke together.)

This is my kitchen, except that no two dishes match.
And it's true- since I've been pregnant we have a almost constantly messy kitchen.   Pat tries to keep up, and Dallas helps, but with all I have to do and he has to do, no one has energy at the end of the day for that.  It sucks. We've switched to paper products to cut down on some of the mess.  Also, I think I've been deficient in iron, and very very tired because of it.  I already feel better since I've started supplementing my prenatal vitamins with more iron.)

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