Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby Names-and everything's okay!

What do you do when you are having an ultrasound, and for the first 10 minutes, they don't say anything, and you don't see a heartbeat?
You stay silent because the tears are already rolling out of your eyes.

What do you do when you finally get the courage to ask, "Is it alive?"  And the ultrasound tech FREAKS out that you didn't know that, and assures you over and over again that everything is great! (She had saved the heart to look at last and me not ever seeing it, thought it was like last time when they were trying to break the news to me after they'd taken all the measurements.  "No!", she said, "Everything is fine!  I'm having to chase this baby all over it's so wiggly!"  So what do you do?
Cry.  And cry a lot.

What do you do when they ask if you want to know what you're having?
Get really surprised and excited, because you'd forgotten all about that!  Yes!  I want to know!

What do you and your husband say when asked for your predictions?
A GIRL!  Definitely a girl.

What does the ultrasound lady say?
A BOY! (Actually she said, "Really?  Well this girl has a penis!"  But I didn't think that was very delicately put.)

How do you feel?
Extremely happy!!!!!

What do you do when you've already picked out the name for your baby and it's a girl name??
(I didn't even tell Pat, because he refuses to listen until I'm 9 months pregnant, but the name that I wanted with all my heart was Alannah and we'd call her Lana for short.) So what do you do?
Try to wrap your head around the word BOY and when the song "Moves like Jagger" comes on, you say, what about naming him Jagger?

So there it is folks.  The only other boy name I've suggested is Guy, but Pat thinks it's dumb and says, "And why don't you make his middle name Boy?!", to which I reply, "I can't.  I already had a cat named Boy when we were growing up."  We used to stand on the front porch yelling "Boy!"
We also had a cat named Girl, but that's another story.  I'd like to do a little better than that for my children.

Today is a happy day.

Here's my baby history- since I had to go over it so much today.
First- girl, Trisomy 18, Stillborn, died during delivery, 41 weeks-Named Laura
Fifth-Miscarriage first trimester
Sixth- Miscarriage first trimester
Seventh-Miscarriage 18 weeks.  Boy-Delivered at hospital-Named Ben Anthony
Eighth-girl-Leia Nora
Ninth-Miscarriage first trimester
Tenth-Miscarriage first trimester
Eleventh-Boy- Coming soon!

I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it's a boy!!!!!!!!!! 


Cecilotta said...

I'm SO GLAD! And if you pronounce Guy like the French do you'll sound totally sophisticated, so there. (Or perhaps Guillaume and call him Guy for short?)

(But good luck getting anyone to spell it right).

Mary Karlee Mullen said...

Eleven pregnancies! You are amazing!

Christy said...

Another boy. So exciting! Leia is going to be so well protected!! I know how you feel, we didn't have a boy's name either. Luckily we had a girl, but still. I don't know what we would have done. Good luck with the boy names! We did finally think of a boy name and you are welcome to it, since we are done...Jeremiah and call him Jeremy!

I am so glad he is ok and that he is just a mover. I would be cying too, a lot, so I don't blame you at all! So happy that all is good and that he is a happy little boy!