Sunday, October 7, 2012

One year older and wiser too?

Got one picture and then my camera died.
On Sunday night last week, Pat got all excited and said, "It's my birthday week!"
Then the week turned out very disappointing, filled with soccer practices, scouts, three doctor appointments, tests (Pat's taking a college course), soccer games, and Pat being out of town for two days.  In other words, we have never had a spare moment to celebrate.  I even had his dinner all planned, and then he had to cancel on us.

He did make his favorite dessert, pumpkin pie, and took a pumpkin and a french silk pie into work to share with his coworkers.  And Tien took him out for breakfast, and Jason took him out for lunch.  (Two friends from work.)  I still haven't been able to have a date with Pat!!!!  Maybe I should become his coworker.  If I could ever pass basic algebra I'd be on my way...................  okay, that'll never happen.

I did send him off to work with a note taped on his back (he had no clue of course), that said, "I believe in aliens.  Wink if you do too."  I heard that Tien took it off of him at breakfast, the kind friend that he is, darnit.  But I laughed really hard when Pat told me he had gone around his office asking who had done it, being sure that his wife wouldn't have.

The only other thing Pat would like me to put here about his birthday to be remembered for all time, is that on his birthday, I MADE HIM come to the church with me for scouts rather than letting him go to sleep.  I wasn't trying to be mean, I just wanted to spend time with him!  I thought it was sad that on his birthday I was just seeing him for the first time really at 7pm and we were supposed to go our separate ways again!  It backfired on me though since he just went to sleep on the couch at church and I just talked with friends the whole time.  Inconceivable!  Oh yeah, and it's the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride.  Hasn't this been an awesome post?

We did get Pat gifts he really liked, and I can imagine this is us on a date.
So Pat really wanted this thing called an MP3 player.  It's this new device that lets you put more than 1000 songs on it for your listening pleasure and it is smaller than a cassette tape!  You may think, where in the world did I find this new amazing product?  Well, I'll share my secret.  (I got it at Walmart for $25.00!!)  I'm only sharing this with you dedicated, loyal, readers of my blog.  Let's keep it between us!  And don't feel bad if you are feeling jealous of our hip, up to the minute lifestyle.  You too can keep up with the Jones's for that much money!  Stay tuned for our upcoming post: how to own a flip phone like ours, and share it between two people!

Today we did get to hang out together and watched conference and worked on genealogy.  And he made himself a really nice birthday dinner (pictured at the top).  My birthday dinner expired.  In fact, he was just overheard saying, "At least somebody loves me", and I said, "Who? You?", and he said yes.  He cracks me up. 

These were cards from Dallas.  He bought a ton of candy and gave it to dad for his work stash.  Something I don't agree with since it's so bad for him, but Pat was really happy.  Perhaps that's why Dallas wrote this accompanying note: (Happy Bad-day)
We all talked about Pat at dinner, about his life growing up, and about our favorite things about him.  Dallas said his favorite thing is how dad pushes him on swings and tickles him.  Sam is glad dad lets him play video games.  Evan likes it "when dad throws us up in the air".   Leia said something really neat, but nobody understood.  I know she enjoys playing Candyland with dad.  My favorite thing about dad is he loves the Lord and is a hard worker and loves us.  He has had to pick up a lot of the chores around the house for me, and doesn't ever complain about it.

Sam and Evan cut and tied this blanket for Dad. 
Then we asked dad what his favorite day in his life was.  The boys were sure it had something to do with swimming.  But Pat smiled at me and said, "January (pause)... What was the day the we got married?"
"THE 12TH!", I said.  "Oh yeah, my favorite day was January the 11th.  My last day of freedom!" 
Me at 18 weeks.  Photo by Sam.
Now I'm done feeling sorry for him.  I am carrying his child and I have to put up with him and that's plenty!

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