Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sometimes I stare at my house for hours wishing I could knock down certain walls and add on.  I've studied it out so long that I know exactly what to do, just won't ever have the means to do it.  (It's a family room, one bedroom and a bathroom.)  I'm not sure what were going to do having 4 boys who have to share a room, and only one girl in the other.

It seems we are getting more and more cramped all the time as the boys get older.  And with the baby coming, there is literally no wall space left in the house so it comes down to either my treadmill or the baby's crib.  Guess which one will win?

I know my house isn't the worst set up anyone has ever had to deal with.  People have and have had worse.  And I keep reminding myself of that.  We can make it!  But it's frustrating not having anywhere to put a desk for your kids or to put visitors without all of us living on top of each other, sharing the bathrooms.  There's just no place for them.  And since we live so far away, they don't come for a couple hours.  The come for a few days!  And there really aren't any hotels nearby either, which I would hate to do in any case.

I ran into a friend from my homeschool group at a homeschool outing to the pumpkin patch.  She is pregnant and due about the same time as I am with her, sit-down-and-take-a-deep-breath-, tenth baby!  She's my age, but obviously started younger and didn't have so many breaks.  Some people you wish they had never had any kids because they don't care about them or take care of them.  And some people have tons of kids and they are the best parents ever.  She and her husband are some of those.

Anyway, she just moved out of her house up here because it was too small, and they are renting large houses.  She says they really miss the mountains, but it just got to be impossible to keep living the way they were.  My house is almost 1,800 square feet, and hers was a bit bigger, but now she is renting at 4,200 square foot house for less than her previous mortgage!  She says, the dream of owning your own house just isn't working out like it used to.

We have also looked at homes in other areas around Albuquerque, just to see, and find so many larger, newer ones for sale that are for way less than we owe on this one.  The yards are tiny though.  Plus leaving the mountains that we love, and the people that we love would be unbearable.  I really like some things about my house and one of those things is the location!

Just feeling lately like even though my hands are tied with space, I live in a really beautiful place.  Maybe I'm just too happy that they're paving my road or something.  I have great neighbors, and a great church family.  We just had about 40 people from another area added to our congregation and as they read in all the names I just couldn't help crying.  We desperately needed help, and got so blessed with new talented people!

I'm glad we have snow in the winter, and a warm fireplace, and glad that there is some green in the Spring.  There's big skies in the summer, and cool, crisp, smoky air in the Fall.  I'll always miss my California.  I mean, I have yet to see any place more beautiful.  But I am truly blessed to live in these mountains of New Mexico.

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