Sunday, November 4, 2012

All in a weeks work!

Sometimes I feel the need to write down what I did in a week.  I don't know why... I don't think I'm any busier than other mom's out there.  I may perhaps be much less busy.  But sometimes I think, when all my kids are gone, will I even remember anymore what it was like?  And you know how they say that sometimes we are so busy with good things that we don't make time for the most important things?  Yeah, that's true.  I wouldn't have wanted to cut out anything I did this week, but I do wish I'd had made more time to focus on school work, scriptures, exercise, and my husband.  Not necessarily in that order.  Oh, and you can't do this much, and be busy growing a baby, without something suffering.  For weeks it's been my house.  I don't need a bigger house for my family!  I need a bigger house for a live in maid!

So these are some of my activities this week, kind of from the beginning of the week to the end:

1)Finished up this season of soccer.  Must remember that although playing soccer is pretty cheap compared to every other sport, once you add in the gas and time and snacks and gifts for the coaches, etc, it still adds up and we are always so glad when it's finished!  None of the other parents were putting anything together this year to thank the coaches (maybe they just didn't know) so I felt it fall on me.  Otherwise the coaches volunteer all of that time and don't get recognized or thanked for it at all.  So I got cards, and got everyone to sign, and got everyone to pitch in $5, for a gift card so the coach could go out to dinner or something, and got the gift cards!  Whew!  Done again with soccer!
I only got a good picture of Sam this year.  Evan was on his same team, and Dal was on the yellow team.
2)Carpool:This week it was my turn to carpool Evan and some friends to school.  It's about a 1 hour round trip, twice a day for drop off and pick up.  Whew!  One week down!

Sam's gruesome accident where he got his leg sucked into a running golf cart.  It's got to have been a couple months and it's still trying to regrow skin.  Poor Sam!
3)Piano practice and lessons.

4) Birthday gifts: Two of the members of my presidency had birthdays this week and I had a small window of time one day, so I went to Costco and got some flowers and me and the other presidency member, Sharon, made some spooky bouquets of flowers and candy and dropped them off.  (I bought the stuff and then showed up at Sharon's house and luckily she's crafty and put them together in a cute way.  I'm not good at that stuff.)   

I tried snapping my fingers like Mary Poppins, but Leia's room stayed the same.

5)Got all the kids haircuts since we are taking family pictures this Saturday, and picked up some stuff needed for Halloween costumes.  So much work coming up with ideas!

6)I made it to my doctor appointment, and so far so good!  Doctor said he's going to try to deliver me 2 weeks early because of my lupis inhibitor(sp?) blood clotting issue that comes and goes.  So another February baby!

7)I even did some hasty arranging to be able to go to the temple with Pat in the morning before my doctor appointment.  It was my New Years resolution to go each month, and so far haven't missed.  It was so worth it.  And it wouldn't be possible if nice people at church didn't help with watching the kids.  To make it happen, I had to wake up at 5am to make breakfast's and lunches for everyone and then drop Evan off an hour early at Chantelle's for school and drop the rest off at Liz's house with their food at 7am, to make it to the temple to meet Pat by 8am, and then to my doctor appointment by 10:30am and then back home to pick up the kids by about 1pm. 

I hate it when there are so many dishes, you don't even know where to start!

8)Tuesday night I attended a special night for the young women in one of the congregations (wards) in Albuquerque.  It was lovely.  Have another one this Sunday!  I love these!  While I was gone Pat and the kids carved pumpkins and when I got home I toasted the seeds.  I love toasted pumpkin seeds!

9 -10)Homeschooling/Sewing: Schooling is just an everyday given for us.  But this Wednesday I did homeschooling while simultaneously sewing a witch dress for Leia.  I didn't measure anything I just cut out the shape of a witch dress out of two pieces of material and sewed around the edges by hand and when Leia woke up from her nap, we tried it on, and thankfully it fit!

Training her up to be my Cinderella!
11)Cleaned out Leia's clothes that she's grown out of and washed all the rest of her clothes and organized them.  Got out clothes I'd bought at a thrift store a couple years ago for her since they fit now.  Went through all my clothes and stored away all my non-pregnancy ones, and hung up and organized all the pregnancy clothes. 

12) Took family pictures.  Had to go to Walmart and get clothes so we could "go together", and so that they didn't have to wear stained old clothes.  Luckily Walmart had a sale and we got all the shirst for $1-4 dollars!  The  pants cost more.  Then getting everyone's fingernails clipped, ears cleaned, showered and shampooed, and ironed and dressed.  By the time everything was said and done it was a full days work, taking family pictures.

14)One night was spent at a 4-H meeting that we had to prepare stuff for.  Pat went while I stayed home with two sick ones.  We were also supposed to go to a meeting this week with the President of Hillsdale College and hear him speak at the ribbon cutting for Evan's school, but we just had too much to do!

15)Building a gate.  We put in a fence when we moved in, but it's never had a gate, so if you wanted to get to the back yard you had to go through the house, and our dog would often escape.  So we're finally making a gate!

16)Finally, I really needed to get some groceries and a food menu planned, but that never happened so we'll be heading out Monday!  We did vote though!  Also, I really need a date!  Week after week keeps going by with no chance for one!

Someone in our house is addicted to band-aids, and swears she and everything else needs them.  No matter what I do she finds them.  She is also STILL potty training so when you need to use the bathroom, you have to wade through a sea of toilet paper scraps that she just threw on the floor for fun, and be careful not to trip over her stool and potty seat.
Well that was fun. If you actually read all of that, I'm sure you're wondering why.  Hey, sometimes I just gotta get it out.  It helps me to evaluate what I should cut out, or do differently, and it's like telling a friend, and releasing some stress.  Thanks friend!  And for the record, we aren't the neatest people, but I can't stand it when my house is that messy.  It's just with Pat being out of town so much lately, and me feeling ready for bed by 7pm... only so much happens.  We actually got A LOT of work done on it this weekend. Still, I need a double weekend.  Glad at least that we got an extra hour of sleep last night!

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