Monday, November 12, 2012

Everthing is turning brown(er) and yesterday we had our first snow of the year!  Beautiful fresh air and white everywhere!

Sam begs me to get this cereal every time we go to the store.  He also has been begging his dad for months.  Which one of us caved?  Pat.  He's such a softie.  I told him I thought it would have been a great Christmas present and now he ruined it since he's such a pushover!  Sam's happy though.  He was convinced he would like these, and he was right.

I FINALLY got a couple of ponytails out of Leia's hair.  Now how do you keep her from pulling them out after 5 minutes?

I have some future spies in my house.  Why are they all sitting in my bed laughing?  Because Sam figured out the password to my ipad again!  He's got quick eyes! 
Some of our favorite games to play as a family are:
1)Chasing each other around the park- Tag- like it's life or death.
2)Playing 'Don't wake the Lion'
3)Playing Hide and Seek, especially in the dark with a flashlight
4)Playing Duck, Duck, Goose
5)Having Dance contests.  Whenever a good song comes on at home or in the car then two or more of us will have a dance contest.  Whichever boy isn't dancing, does points.  I have no idea what their judging criteria is, or how the points are awarded, all I can say is that I'm awesome and usually win.  Mostly though, that's probably due to the fact that they don't want Dad to win, or one of their brothers.
6)Making burritos.  This is pictured below.  Dad wraps the kids up as tight as he can, tucking the blanket as much as he can and then they have to get out of it.  It's funniest when he picks them up and sticks them between a wall and a couch so that they can't unroll easily.  They have to inch worm out of the tight spot first.

This week was somehow busier than last, and though I won't go into the gory details, I'll just say I spent at least 30 hours on my calling.  Temple, phone calls, emails, meetings, shopping, making crafty stuff, multi-stake dance, making invitations to the stake auxiliary meeting, and here I am making cookies for the ward conference in town yesterday, for the young women and their leaders.  After this month I hardly have anything for the next two months, so that's good.  I did have fun talking with everyone while we chaperoned the dance.  It was like finally we weren't in a meeting and could just chat.  I really admire the ladies I get to work with!

For the record, we would all like getting a cute crafty, 'scrapbooky' handout attached to a delicious cookie, right?  But I dislike wasting time on stuff like this.  I just think it's unnecessary.  A waste of time and church money when it's the Spirit that matters. And giving out sugar is evil- even though I eat it- it's so bad for us, so the less temptation the better! But I wasn't at the meeting when I was assigned this, and since I wasn't doing anything else...  I gave in... but oh despair!  I've now eaten too too many of these cookies!  They are so delicious!  And I feel like crap.
Pat was just released as eq President, I think he had that calling for about 5 years, and called into the young men's presidency.  We were hoping that would wait a couple years until Dallas was in there, but no.  This calling is much busier since it involves campouts, scouting, Sunday lessons and weekday evenings.  I think he'll do great.  He's taught kids this age before, and I think Pat is a great teacher.  He never judges anyone, or gets offended, and I can see that it will be good.  Just a little worried about having him for even less time, when I already feel like I miss him all the time.
Lastly, want to say how proud I am of all my kids.  We had a parent teacher conference with Evan's teacher Ms. Wilson, and she told me how amazed she is that he's picking up everything so well even though he started the school year almost 2 months late.  Evan recited a poem too, one he memorized at home, called The Puffin, and was able to say it in front of half the school at flag ceremony.  He did terrific, and felt very proud since it's one that Pat recited when he was young and it's kind of long.  Anyway, Ms. Wilson sat and talked with us for an HOUR, and I kept expecting another appointment to arrive, or for her to start pushing us out, but we genuinely enjoyed each other and just had a great talk, and she was happy to answer all our questions.  She was a kindred spirit, and I'm so glad Evan got her.    When Dallas was in school for first grade it was never like that.  I think the difference is the school.  This charter school is a blessing.  I often wonder why I put him in school just because it's one more thing to do each day, but I felt so grateful after that meeting.  I think things happened the way they did for a reason, and next year my other two boys will be caught up, so that if we feel led to put all three in next year, it will work.

Yesterday the boys also participated in the primary program at church.  My three boys sang a verse of a song together (they volunteered to do it!), and did well on their speaking parts, sang well, (Dallas gets the award for loudest person in the building again and he had a sty on his eye that was really bothering him so he had that eye pinched shut and looked like a pirate while he sang), and Dallas even played a song for the other kids to sing along to- Stand for the Right.  During one song I noticed that Evan's eyes were closed the whole time.  After church he told me, "Mom, I know Nephi's Courage so well I can even sing it with my eyes shut!"
Our primary tried to use the talents of several children, and it was a great program!


Christy said...

Love the snow and white everywhere! Snow is awesome! (and you look GREAT by the way!)

I think it is cute that pat got the cereal. It is funny because my kids used to ask for that one all the time too. We finally got it for them, and they hated it. LOL! I am glad he enjoyed it, and it might still make a good Christmas treat. Does Santa bring sugary cereal to your house too?

The games sound like fun. Ben does the burrito game too, although he hasn't in a long time. I might have to remind him of the game!! The only one I didn't know was "Don't wake the Lion".

I am also with you on less fluff and more substance with the RS activities and I don't like a lot of handouts either, but it is sometimes nice for those who put things are their walls to remind them of things. So it does have their place. We have a lot of older people and surprisingly a lot of diabetics in our ward so we always try to keep treats down unless they are "healthy", like fresh fruit.

Karisa said...

Don't Wake the Lion is something we heard about from a visiting general authority at a stake conference. It was part of his talk, and it was so cool! Well it's perfect for LITTLE kids anyway.

So one parent pretends to be the sleeping lion, and everyone takes turns tip-toeing up to it and barely touching the lion before running back to base. The lion might stir a bit, or keep sleeping, or it might wake up and chase! It doesn't always catch the kid, but when it does, it eats him.

Super fun for kids about 3-6 years old. Leia is too scared and she stays on base the whole time. My older boys now do everything they can to get eaten.