Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Funny things from last weekend

I don't get to blog a lot but there were a couple of tiny conversations this weekend that had me busting up inside and I thought I'd share:

While doing our scripture study on Sunday we were reading the part where Captain Moroni and Ammaron are exchanging letters and Moroni says that he'll keep fighting the Lamanites until they sue for peace.  Karisa asked the boys if they knew what "sue" meant in this context.  No one did so Karisa explained that it meant to beg or plead.  Then the following was said:

Karisa:  You guys have a vocabulary word this week that means something similar, does anyone remember what it is?
Evan: Megabeg!

If you were curious the word was grovel.  Of course Evan had to shout Megabeg while hopping around on his knees like some kind of bug that helped show off his excitement that he knew the answer.

After the boys were in bed Karisa was doing something on the couch, I don't remember exactly but Leia was sitting next to her.  Lei looked up from the book she was reading and this conversation took place:

Leia:  ME!!!!!!!
Karisa, a puzzled look on her face:  You?
Leia:  Yes!

At that point Leia looked back down at her book, apparently having said everything she needed to.

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