Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Fun

Every year our homeschool group goes to the pumpkin patch for the school discount prices.  McCall's is a great pumpkin patch!
Some of the Hooper boys and my boys
First we have a hay ride to go pick out pumpkins!

Dal got a cool one with warts all over it.  Sam has a very orange face and long nose.

Forts, slides, mazes, and dozens of other things to do here.  Leia and Pat in the corn box.
As far as costumes go, Sam had to be Darth Maul this year and spent his own money (that people had given him on his baptism) to do it.  Face paint, light saber, and cape.  Total $25.00.  He wore his own black clothes underneath.  Seems pretty perfect fit for him!
Dallas wanted to be something dead, and had a great time in this costume.  I was lucky to find it for $15 dollars on sale the day before Halloween.  We had looked at three different thrift stores, and never found anything useful.  Just a lot of junk.  Bad luck this year with thrift stores!  He mentioned maybe being a zombie or something, but I was glad he was something fun.  I'm not really into the gruesome stuff, and Dallas is such a happy kid, it fit his personality better.  'Dem bones, 'dem bones, gonna walk around!
The Witch!  We had a witches hat and the tights, and I hastily cut out and sewed the dress- luckily I had black material!  She had to have her black cat, and cauldron (which we luckily already had too).  She was so stinkin' CUTE!  Such a tiny little witch!

Evan was a smooth criminal- like from the Michael Jackson song.  He wanted that white hat, and this last summer Aunt Steph got it for him for his birthday.  We already had the leather jacket as a hand-me-down too!

We had a trunk or treat at church, and Leia didn't get very far before she plopped down for her favorite part of Halloween.  The candy!  Otherwise, she thought trick or treating pretty weird.  We did go to a couple houses, and after opening the door, she'd walk right in, thinking, "We're here!"
I was lucky to make it through another Halloween. Getting four kids taken care of is crazy.  As they get older, I don't think I'd really care whether or not they had a costume, and I'd let them come up with their own, but when they're so young it seems sad not to help them enjoy dressing up.  Unless you're in theatre, it's kind of the only time you get to do it!  And it's always fun to see them all!  My friend Becky writes so well, and I thought her Halloween post a good description of the times and asked her if she wouldn't mind me copying part of her post.  So I leave you with that:

As I watched the Costume parade at the elementary school, I was struck at the difference between this year and years past. There were no fancy costumes and very few store bought. Nearly all were homemade and cobbled together from odds and ends. Some had seen a lot of wear. It was obvious that everyone else was ‘making do’ with what they had, just like we were. 

 Even the office staff at the school forego-ed their usual elaborate decorating theme. This year they cleared out the office of every single thing, until it was completely bare and they all wore plain white t-shirts which said, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. It looked like a lot of work. And while the kids were less than impressed, I don’t think the irony of it all was lost on the adults. 

 It’s been a tough year… for everyone. Still, I was surprised that it showed. Groceries, utilities and gasoline are sky high. Jobs are scarce and unstable. Every family I know is living so tight they squeak. Most of us have never been so worried about being able to take care of our families. I don’t think that this is unique to __________, New Mexico. I think the whole country is nervous and fearful of the future, whether that is next week, next month or next year. I wonder what next Halloween will be like. I wonder if we, as a people, will be feeling more hopeful and less worried or if anxieties will still be running high. I wonder what things will be like for our family. I wonder what kind of costumes my kids will dream up next, and be glad, that no matter what, they continue to dream.

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