Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Tree

Thankful tree.  The leaves are decorations I gathered after a youth dance, and the green thing on top with blue tape says, "I'm thankful for..."
I was going through all the kids clothes and discovering yet again that every pair of their pants has gigantic holes in the knees, and a couple of them need coats, shirts, sweaters, and shoes, etc. 

So yesterday Pat asked his carpool buddy, our neighbor Mike, for advice of good thrift stores in Albuquerque, since the ones I frequent up here in the mountains have been bare lately.  And on his lunch break he went and got three bags of clothes for all of us totaling a bit over $60.  Yikes!  Thrift stores are expensive!  But I thought it was really sweet.

When he got home and told me, my first reaction was caution, because HE wouldn't know what to buy!  I mean, he doesn't know their sizes.  I just knew that half of that money would be wasted on clothes that were not right. 

But it turns out he did pretty good!  Evan now has two pairs of pants that fit perfectly.  Sam has one.  Dallas has two and a coat (which we still have yet to decide if it's for a girl or boy, but since we can't figure it out, we hope no one else will).  Leia has two coats that fit her perfectly! And some new shirts, sweaters, and pj's.  Pat has a couple new shirts- I haven't seen them on him, so I don't know if I like them yet.  And he even got me a skirt and two pairs of pants- none of which work- but it was a sweet gesture. I only have one pair of pants that fit, and he was trying to get me more, and I love him for it.  He told me that he was the most nervous picking out stuff for me. It's not his fault that they only had what they had.

Last night for Family Night we made a thankful tree, and the kids all did a wonderful job of naming things they are thankful for and writing them on the leaves.  Pat made only one leaf and it said, Karisa.

Another ultrasound today, and everything is looking great!  I am so happy!  I am frustrated with how many ultrasounds they want me to have since they are so expensive, but they need to make sure that the baby is growing and if not, it's a sign that there's probably a blood clot in the placenta, at which point, I don't know what they would do, nor will I think one more thought about it!  All six of us were there today for the appointment.  The kids got to see their little brother, who really likes to cover his face with his hand, and we went and saw a play afterward.  Pretty good day!   I am very excited to meet this amazing boy!
We were invited to a birthday party for Dallas's friend Micah.  They asked the whole family to come.  And they had invited two other families over.  The funny thing about it was that each of the four families there had had a whole bunch of boys and then a girl at the end.  15 boys between us and 4 girls.  I have seen so many families like ours that I know Heavenly Father has a reason for all these boys. (All kids not pictured.)
Healthy pancakes from my sil Sunny.  They are really good, but made with a lot of egg whites.  I have such a hard time throwing away good egg yolks and wasting food like that.  And the whites are the part I'm more allergic to, darnit!

Turkeys from Grandma. Sam helped Leia with hers.

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Christy said...

Your thankful tree was beautiful. I did something similar in the past. I had a tree on the wall and every day the kids would put something they were thankful for on a leaf. We did this starting Nov. 1st through until Thanksgiving. It was an AWESOME tree when it was done! We have also done it with a turkey body and added turkey feathers! Beautiful tree.