Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas is coming...

...the goose is getting fat! 
Just got back from our 2nd annual trip to California for Thanksgiving!
The kids did terrific.  The worst was the travel, like always.  Car to shuttle, shuttle to airport, going through security, plane, layover to other plane, pick up luggage, count bags, shuttle to rental car, rental car to "home".  And then do it all in reverse to go home. By the time we got back to New Mexico, and were waiting for all our luggage, I just had to lay down on the floor.  It's hard on a pregnant lady to carry Leia, and luggage around at the same time.  But Pat was carrying more than me, and the kids were all carrying more than they could and kept tripping and falling over. 12 bags and 2 carseats.  Yuck!
By the trip home we'd picked up a bit more luggage.  Leia's cousin Elle gave her the bucket of toys, and Leia was not letting go of that for anything. Oh but our jam was deemed a possible explosive and taken off our hands.  Thanks TSA for lightening our load.
Fancy coat from cousin Elle!  Thanks!

When we got home we found everything well and we had more than 20 eggs!  Our chickens have decided to attack each other though.  Maybe it had to do with getting fed at different times than normal while we were out of town, and getting bored, who knows.  But since we got back they've started pecking each other to death. Now death is what's coming for them all this weekend.  It's fine... they were the best chickens we'd ever had- never any problems until now, but they are getting older and laying less, and we are having a baby soon, so one less thing.  We'll get more chickens later.   They are the best pets.

Thanks to our neighbors who watched our home for us and took care of our animals.  They didn't have an easy time.   Not our fault- just that they lost the key, so had to go through another way, and the animals got out, and it just didn't sound like it went smoothly.  I feel bad about that.  They are the best neighbors ever.

Since we've been back, we've had a birthday, I've been working on the Christmas program that I'm in charge of for tomorrow, Pat's changed jobs (within his job), had a trip out of town for work, I had a big Stake Auxiliary Training, and we continue to be way too busy.  Having a break for Thanksgiving was nice, although it felt busy too.  The first night we got there so late that we were dead the next day.  There's family we saw one night and never could see again.  Friends we never had time to see.  And the family we did see we still wish we had more time with.  Since Pat and I never get to have a date, we tried to make time to do that, and Steph and T and Grandma watched the kids, but I still felt guilty like we should have been visiting someone.  But I was really glad for a date!!!  Oh and of course these are the only pictures I have from our trip.  I just get distracted and forget or don't want to be behind a camera.  Pat's mom will send me pictures though, and hopefully my family will too, so I'll post more later!

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