Friday, December 7, 2012

Crazy Lady-UPDATED

Today I saw Leia tackle Evan from behind and when he fell on her, she laughed, and just laid there laughing with him still on her.  Another day she tackled Sam and Dallas to the ground in one move, by running full speed into them.  Dallas kept saying, I can't believe my little sister knocked us both over!

Somebody does not like her bread crusts.  She was going through the whole bag eating out the middles until we caught her.
Once, I was about to put her in bed, and I was arranging her blankets when I heard a soft, "Ow, ow".  I looked down and I was standing on her foot!

She does fight with her brothers and she is a super screamer if anyone touches her stuff.  She LOVES books and stuffed animals, babies and dolls.  If you read to her, you're going to be there a long time, because she is incapable of reading only one book.  It has to be a huge stack.  And if you already have a book, she'll got get a big stack to attach onto it anyway.  After every sentence, she feels the need to say "Oh!", or to acknowledge it in some way.  She also echos every prayer anyone says.

Sam reading to Leia
She is a pacifier lover.  In fact when she gets hurt, after getting attention from us, she'll go find a pacy and climb under her covers for comfort.  When she's done being sad, she'll pop her pacy out and hand it to me, and say, "Happy now!"  We only let her have her pacy for naptime and bedtime usually, but she is going to have some hard times ahead since it's time for her to be done with that.  And she still isn't potty trained for that matter, so, lots of hard times ahead!  And she still crawls into bed with us sometime in the night!  Man have we been slacker parents with her!  Hard, hard times ahead!  Only about 10 weeks until new baby comes!  If I could ever just catch a break!

As much as she likes cheese, she was not impressed with my homemade cheese ball.  Or her raisins.  She demolished them both.
She also seems convinced that she really is a princess, and has no need to help with family chores like cleaning the living room.  It was a battle of wills, but Pat got her to do it eventually.  She had three blocks to put away and she'd pick them up and then collapse in tears under the injustice of it all a couple feet away.  It took her a half an hour, but she finally made it to the next room with her three blocks and got them in their box.  Lots of crying and screaming and all it did was crack her unsympathetic parents up.

She likes to give kisses finally, and does like three practice kisses before she plants on on you.  Her favorite foods are cheese, pickles, and anything sweet.  If you ask her to do something she doesn't want to, she says, "No! My not!"

She yells, "Hiya!!", repeatedly and loudly while I blow dry my hair, popping her head out from behind the wall each time. We heat our house entirely by the fireplace, so when we're cold, we stand in front of it.  Sometimes it's really hot and she laughs and says, "OW!  My butt hot!"  

A couple of girls gettin' ready for church.  Ponytails by dad.  He had a hard time getting them straight and said it caused her no small amount of pain.

And after we read scriptures each night, she continues "reading" by yelling "Pass!"  and "Tame Pass!", which translated is, "And it came to pass..." She is a super silly 2 year old, and keeps us all laughing.

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