Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Traditions

I told Evan to smile, but he wanted to look reverent and act holy, like an angel.
As is our family tradition, we're having a bit of a sick Christmas again this year.  It happens every year, and it's so frustrating.  It started with Dallas (bronchitis, fever, etc) , and then the three younger ones got it at the same time (add in throwing up), and Pat and I thought we'd escape, until I came down with it yesterday, and he's just starting.  Someone has been very sick for 13 days now, and we have missed out on church, getting gifts sent in time, and doing things for friends and neighbors. And yes, I have been reminded again that I really need to take care of Christmas and make all my plans in October!  I honestly tried...   It's such a happy time of year, and we are house bound again!  Evan even had to miss his last two days of school before break and all the fun party stuff.  Sam is the saddest though, with burning eyes, and dark circles, ear aches, fever, coughing, and throwing up.  He hasn't hardly moved in 4 days.  Yet he suffers in complete silence.  And then there's Leia who cries from the moment she wakes up, and wants to be held, which is really hard at this stage in my pregnancy.

The bright spot in all this is the cards people send, and that someone has decided to do the 12 days of Christmas on us, and it has been nearly the exact same days as our sick days.  After spending each day nursing sick people and cleaning up throw up, it's nice to hear that doorbell ring and know that someone cares about us!  Bless them!  We've been taking pictures of everything they brought us and I'll have to post those soon because it's so fun!  And believe me, getting to our house each night, even for someone who lives in our town, is no easy task.  We have a long open driveway and front yard which makes doorbell ditching nearly impossible, and very slippery snowy roads that are extremely easy to get stuck on.  I was coming home from getting groceries and had to keep backing up and making several runs at it before I could get up our road.
Driving from our house to where our new paved road starts!!!

About the only thing I've accomplished is getting most of our Christmas cards out, and some gifts for the kids ordered online.  The last thing I did before we all got sick, was to take a tour of the hospital where I will be delivering soon.  We're still trying to get our Christmas decorations up and Pat tells me Christmas is in two days!!!!  Ahhhhh.....freakout! 

There's a happy angel!  These are the costumes the primary kids wore for the Christmas play we did back at the beginning of December.
Some sadness:  A dear lady at church, who I loved and taught me very much, Lisa, has just passed away, killed in a car accident.  She was so kind and giving of her time to everyone, always volunteering to watch my kids and teaching me how to be healthier, and not charging me for her time.  She was a saint.  I couldn't go to her funeral because of how sick we've been, and I still cannot quite believe it's true.  It's been such a shock to me.  I really am having a hard time accepting it.  Also some bickering broke out recently because of some misunderstanding which is sad to me- hopefully it's resolved.  Another friend is so stressed out with all the issues she's been dealing with that she's losing her hair.  She is really dealing with a lot.

I'm thankful, that the real reason we celebrate Christmas, it to remember that God loved us so much, that he send his Son, the most priceless, unimaginable gift, without which we would have no reason to hope, and no chance for happiness.

Every time I pray, I mean really pray, I feel him there, and I know he lives.  I know he knows what we're going through, and wants to help us.  I guess he waits for us to show that we want him in our lives, and to show that we love him.  He always loves us.  

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