Friday, December 7, 2012

I have a 10 year old!

I can barely believe it!  Seeing as I'm so young and all.  He, he.  His birthday was a super happy fun day!

Some things about Dallas:  I recently asked him to do something extra in school just because I like his writing.  It was something unnecessary.  I said I'd get him something at Walmart if he would.  What did he ask for?  Markers and cardboard.  He has a cardboard store where you can buy most anything made out of cardboard.  He's already used up all the cardboard in the garage.
He's also been busy doing extra chores to earn money, and him and Sam have made a Christmas list and decided what to buy everyone on it, and how much money they need and everything.  They've got it all figured out, down to buying the wrapping paper, and tax.  I hope it works out for them.  They won't share any of it with me.
Busy working creating the latest line of cardboard goods. 
For his birthday dinner he wanted Chicken Sopa and salad.  This boy loves a good salad.  While the kids were finishing up dinner, Pat and I had a dance contest to the Disco Mickey Mouse CD.
Then we all played Apples to Apples.  Leia comes as close to winning as anyone, and it's pretty hilarious.  Awesome game that requires no skill.  In fact when it's Leia's turn to judge we all just try to pick cards she'll like, like candy, babies, etc.  I won with 'The Baby-sitters Club'.  As soon as she heard the word baby, it was the card for her!  We laughed so hard! 
Dallas wanted his cake decorated like Christmas.  I was still formulating ideas, but Pat had to go out of town and bumped the party up a day, so I kept it simple.
I think this was the best birthday cake ever!  I said, "This cake is so good!", and Dallas responded, "Of course it is.  You made it." 
Dallas's gifts.  He got a frog stamp and ink, and a book about how to draw animals.  He still loves his friend frog.  He made him out of cardboard and takes him everywhere.  We didn't know this until we went to the river and he became lost and Dallas was so sad.  We re-walked the trail and finally found him. 
A new wallet.
New shoes.  Because it's been a month or two and all I ever do is buy him shoes. 
Lego set.  The boys are really into The Avengers right now.   Later everyone got sent to bed, but Dallas got to stay up and play video games for a long time.  He would like to have a party with two friends, but being that time of year, it's always hard to do.   So we hope to do something fun in January with his friends.  Wish we lived near his cousin Isaac.  They had a great time at Thanksgiving, even though Isaac is older.
And I was assigned treats for Pac night at scouts and we made M&M cookies.  The dough was way better than the cookies which were way good!  Dallas is now a Webelo!
Dallas is super kind and almost always good.  I have always felt the blessing of his help in everything I do.  I know Pat feels the same.  He does an awesome job being a big brother and doing the extra jobs we give him like teaching Sam and Evan piano.  He loves swimming and soccer, and is like a brick wall defender in soccer.  It's nearly impossible to get past him, and he seems to have no fear.  Dallas still has speech issues which we cannot afford to fix so we pray that someday he'll grow out of them.  Pat's sister described him as an awkward nerd just like Pat.  Well I think she meant that as a compliment, but it is true.  He's not super good at talking and making friends, but his heart is pure gold.  I just think he is amazing.  He is someone I feel was praying for his parents before he ever came to this earth.  Praying that we would make good decisions and that he could come to us.  He will do amazing things in his life, and I love him with all my heart. 

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Christy said...

What a fun birthday and birthday gifts. He looks JUST LIKE PAT!! Glad he had fun!