Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sometimes I wish I could know the things that God knows.
Today at church a lady came to me and said she had a dream that I had another daughter.
She quietly whispered it in my ear and didn't stay long before she was gone.
She is a very nice lady.
In fact she told me years ago that I would have two daughters and that was before I was pregnant with Leia.  I felt a light or energy as she said this, confirming it.
Pat tells me she isn't entitled to inspiration about me, so not to think about it much, as dear a lady she is to us.
So I don't. But it's kind of hard to wipe something like that out of your mind. 
But years have gone by, and she just said it again today?
The truth is, Pat and I would both like more, but we're okay with being done.
But I have health issues that make us think 'no more'.
And I've been feeling that same feeling from my heavenly Father- 'no more'.
But sometimes I feel sad that it would end already.  Especially after Leia's terrible birth.  Her pregnancy was great.  In fact it was the best out of all of them, but I was soooo sick for about 2 months before she was born and two months afterward.  It was the dead of winter and I cannot even express how MISERABLE it was.  Between the kicking and the violent coughing for months, no wonder my ribs are loose.  I wish it didn't have to end on that horrible note.  I think back to the time surrounding her delivery and it was a nightmare.
My blessing says my mind and body will serve me well, and my health issues aren't terrible, it's just that I've lost so many pregnancies that it takes a toll on a body, as does regular pregnancy, and Pat doesn't want to keep putting me through it. 
And the last thing I want to do is force a baby when God is against it.  I'm sure he has good reasons like, hey Karisa, if you have another one you'll leave your children without a mother.  I would never do it unless He was okay with it.
My doctor also said I probably have a blood clotting issue and that from the moment I got pregnant I'd have to take shots twice daily in my stomach to try to keep it.  Yikes!
Adoption here I come!
So what I want to say is, Heavenly Father, I'm getting old.  I am getting tired-er.  I don't want to have to change diapers forever and have kids in my sixties still at home.  Sometimes I just want to do other things.  So can we figure this out?
I love my children so much, and I am so grateful for the ones you gave me both living and dead.  I am perfectly happy to keep it just like this.
But then sometimes ladies at church say things...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Archery- Hunger Games

Can you see the Hunger Games poster in the picture below?  I am so excited about Hunger Games, since I really liked the books.  I liked the first more than the second, and the second more than the third, but really they were all good.   And yesterday, our homeschool group organized an archery lesson at the Albuquerque Archery Shoppe.  It turned out really well.  So many kids wanted to do it that they broke our homeschool group up into 3 sessions throughout the day of about 20 kids each.  I was surprised that even Evan was able to do okay.  The kids all did great!  Okay- maybe they hit other peoples target or no target at all, but at least they were able to hold the bow properly and set up their arrow on the bow on their own, and shoot well.  I thought the arrow might just fall on the ground and never make it, but they always sunk it in the wall like they were supposed to.  They also did a competition after the kids got used to it, and then a balloon shooting contest.  Now I really want to be like Katniss and have all my kids be handy with a bow and arrow.

Evan shooting first with Pat's help.

Sam in the striped shirt all on his own.
Dallas did the best, but somehow I didn't get a picture of him shooting.  Oops!

New Bunny and Stuff

Here's our new Bunny.  Since she is Dallas's, he named her Abigail.  He really loves her.

She started out very shy, but is now getting braver and exploring more.

Making rice krispies birds nests.

The tow truck hauling Pat's car away.  He has purchased a new one, well, a used one from the missionary office.  He is very pleased with it.  Four doors instead of two, handles to open the doors instead of pulling on wires.  A windshield without cracks all over.  A seat that can actually be adjusted.  A radio!  He came home and said, do you know how nice it is to be able to turn on the radio?  Oh, and best of all, his new car can start!  Goodbye red car.  You were good while you lasted!  Now you're just costing us too much or are impossible to fix.  We donated it to our local cancer charity, and they'll get about 800 dollars after auction for helping families of cancer patients.  They have a home next to the hospital for the families to stay in like it's their home and they provide food and everything for them, so it worked out well.

Activities with Steph and T

While Steph and T were here we ate at Fudruckers, went grocery shopping (since I didn't know they were coming), cooked lots of stuff, played Wii, took a tour of the park/neighborhood, played ball, went to church, watched shows, went miniature golfing, ate frozen yogurt, and Dions pizza.  Very fun, but very relaxed.  However, in keeping my tradition of not taking pictures when it really counts, I am going to have to wait to steal some pictures from Steph of any of these events.  Here are the only ones I have:

Making homemade pasta- recipe from Pioneer Woman

To go with a hearty sauce.

Princess waiting to be fed.

Yep I put her to work.  Homemade pasta is a lot of work.

In the end we were mildly impressed with the end result.  Even though we cut it so thin, it plumped huge and awkward anyway in the boiling water, so it was kind of weird.  Last week I tried leaving it in sheets to make lasagna.  Both times I wasn't impressed, and Pat was.  He liked it, but my thought was that it wasn't worth it.

Here's our cream cheese strawberry pastry that we made.  Yum!

Leia is really in to smiling HARD.  She is so funny.  She enjoys dancing to the Michael Jackson dance game and sings Beat It!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chick-fil-A is awesome

That's basically all I have to say.  I hardly ever go there because they are SO far from my house, but when I do, I can tell their food is so much better than normal fast food which I rarely eat.  And they are so kind!  Like go out of their way to set me up tables in a crowded restaurant and just over the top genuine kindness.  Meaningful toys too.  I know most people discovered Chick-fil-A eons ago, but it's brand new to me and I love love it!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We took this last week as our spring break week, so we enjoyed the warm weather- I know weird- it was really nice!
We played outside on the swing set, visited friends, and tried to learn how to ride bikes (Evan's learning, and Sam just can't ride his bike because it's so big, so he's trying to adjust).
We also got a bunny.  Dallas needed one for his 4-H project, and someone in our ward gave us one.  It's huge, and sheds hair everywhere.
Pat cut his finger really bad in the kitchen, and since he does this often, I'm used to it, but it still doesn't stop the queasy feeling in my legs. Poor guy almost cut off his thumb pad opening up a can.
Soccer is starting again soon. 
My sister and her husband visited me!  I still can't believe it.
It's snowing now again.
Pat's car died.  For good.  It didn't even make it the 2 months. 
We joyfully went over the painful finances of having two cars die within a couple months of each other for hours.

Something out of the ordinary, and kind of funny happened too:
A family in our homeschool group really needed judges for their daughter's debate competition, and we really like this family, so Pat and I volunteered to help them out.  Pat went first on Thursday, and then the only day I had free to help judge was Saturday- the day of the finals.  So I logged onto their site and typed my name in the slot for the final competition.  Unbeknownst to me, they selected the judges for the finals specially.  I was about to get a big surprise.

When I arrived they asked me to write down my bio, so that when they introduced me to the audience, they could also say a little about my qualifications.  ?!?!?!?!  I was under the impression that they were just desperate to have judges and anyone would do!  But I guess for the finals this was not the case, and somehow I had been overlooked and made a judge.  The organizers treated me like royalty, thanking me over and over again for giving up my valuable time to come, etc, etc.   I could tell that they were under the misinformed notion that I was some sort of expert.

I was so embarrassed since I had no qualifications to judge a debate whatsoever.  But I figured, if they are good debaters then they've got to convince even the person of the street, right?

Still, I was afraid of disappointing them, so I -ahem- embellished my resume a bit.   Like when they expected some sort of awesome university degree, I gave it to them.  Yeah, I graduated in such and such... from such and such!  I made it completely up since I only did two years of college and never earned a degree at all.  It's not that I cared about looking awesome, it's just that I knew after coming so far, the finalists, the coaches, the parents, the audience, and the organizers were expecting big things.'stay at home mom'.  So I gave them big things.  I don't feel bad at all.

Even with my embellishments however, my bio was a bit disappointing to them.  I could tell because they read it first and then after polite applause, hurriedly moved on to the other bio's.  The other judges sitting next to me were attorneys or other fancy things, and sitting right next to me was a New Mexico Supreme Court Judge (they saved his bio for last).  Holy cow what did I get myself into!  I even forgot to change my shoes before I left home and was wearing my ratty tennis shoes with no makeup!  But, whatever, I decided to act confident, and pretend I was awesome.

Then, as they opened the debate, they asked us (the 5 judges) to stand and give the audience our philosophy on debating and what we're looking for specifically.  ?!?!?!?!?  The other judges rambled on and on, saying things that I'm sure were very wise and showed their great wealth of knowledge and experience, but since I was pretending to be awesome I just blocked it all out so that I wouldn't freak out about how I really shouldn't be there.

When it came my turn I simply said, "I'm looking for confidence, clarity, and kindness", and then sat down like I knew exactly what I was doing.  There was a bit of an awkward pause, but since I was emitting awesomeness, they moved on.  And seriously, that's what I cared about!  Don't confuse me, don't fidget or be nervous, and don't fight or get angry.  Stay poised.  Connect with the audience.

The debate went on for over an hour, and the kids (high school age) were amazing.  After it was over, only the Supreme Court Judge asked for their documentation of the facts they presented.  I felt like I should ask for something too, but the only thing I really wanted was a drink of water, so I kept silent. 

Then it took me about 45 minutes to write up all my notes on the four debaters and their scores for all the categories and making the hard decision of choosing who the winning team was, and ranking each person individually, and then writing up why I made my decisions.

I'm dying to know who won after they combined the 5 of us judges scores together, but I had to leave since I'd been there way too long.  Crazy!

Speaking of crazy, did I ever tell you about the time that I faked being a translator for a huge business meeting?  I got a job with a translating service and when they called to send me to this business meeting, I thought I could handle it, because I was fresh from my mission, and the paycheck was large, and they hired me afterall!, but I couldn't translate a bit of that business talk and finally I told all the Spanish speakers (in their headphones) to just take them off, and I apologized profusely.  They were kind to me, but I still feel bad that they got the shaft.  I got paid, but I quit being a translator.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Ten List

Here's a list of the top 10 funny things that happened this weekend:

#10 Watching Pat and his crew play basketball- and nearly dying.  At half-time, the ref asked me to do the half-time show.  I told him I forgot my music.  He said he could sing for me.  And be a back up dancer.  Ha!

#9 Pat saying how he really wanted me to go to watch him play basketball and multiple other lies about why I had to come with him; and the toilet, the bed, airplanes, and the house.  Had me so confused, but never in a million years did I expect to drive up to the airport and see my sister and T there.  Oh the lies!

#8 The screaming when I saw them at the airport. Mission Impossible!

#7  Me waking myself up because I was laughing so hard in my dream about an episode of Psych.  I just suddenly blew out all my air in fit of laughter that could no longer be contained in dreamland.  I love that show!

#6  Sam dropping his golf ball in the lake at miniature golf.

#5  Me cooking all sorts of bad food for everyone.  I mean, I always talk about how I eat healthy, and yet I made pastry and fried sopaipillas, fried donuts, fried rice and fried chicken.  Really Karisa?

#4 Pat and T getting yelled at on the go-carts.

#3 Trying to slide at the same time.

#2  Michael Jackson dancing!

#1 SNOW- or rather, Sam acting out snow.  Also airplane and chocolate.

AND MANY MORE!  What a super fun weekend!  I'll add pictures soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Count

Driving home from church yesterday Sam said to me: "Dad, did you know one million is one thousand thousands?"

"Yes, I did know that.  Why do you ask?"

"I'm trying to count that high but I'm only at seven thousand eight hundred."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lentils like my mamita made them in Chile.  There not as good as hers but... I'll never forget how good the big bowl of lentils tasted that she made us.  No meat or anything, just occasionally some random noodles.  That was my mamita in Penco.  I love her so much!  Below is the salad we put with it.

Sam loves doing puzzles with Pat.  They are weirdos if you ask me.  They do 1000 piece puzzles for fun.  Sometimes I'll sit down and try to help and after finding only one piece I want to die of boredom!  I don't know how Sam can sit there for so long.  If the weather were better I wouldn't even allow him, but since we can't go outside...

Good ol' Beef Stroganoff.  Sam ran around the table and hugged me and said, "This is the best dinner ever!"  He has been doing stuff like that a lot lately, about food and other stuff as well and that makes me really thankful.  He still has issues at church, not being kind to others, but he's getting better.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Okay winter

Looking out my window right now and the snow is blasting straight by at about 100mph.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration (:  BUT it's not falling at a slant at all, just straight by.
Leia was diagnosed with pneumonia on Monday, and now Evan today.  They are on antibiotics, and should be okay within about 10 days the doctor says.  I'm so thankful for good doctors who can help.
 Honestly Pat and I haven't slept well since Wednesday night last week.  There's always someone up coughing and crying.
We were doing so much better this year, too.  We were less sick this winter than ever before since moving to Edgewood, but for some reason now in the spring it's hitting.  All I can say is we'd better be well by next week, so we can enjoy spring break!
I am so looking forward to getting out in the yard and working, and the kids are looking forward to playing with friends!
Time to be done, okay winter?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Beginnings 2012

We had our New Beginnings night last night for all the young women.  It turned out so awesome!  Our theme was the Olympics since they are this year!  Worked really hard to get all the girls there, and to make it special for them.  And our great teachers were there to fill in for anyone who didn't show.  The girls were all draped in plastic tablecloths representing their value color, and it looked neat.  We never got to the games at the end, ran out of time, but had great refreshments, and everyone, I believe, had a good time.
The girls each had an assignment to speak for 1 minute about someone in the scriptures who exemplified one of the 8 values.  And here is the invitation.

Other side

A very young Young Woman ready for church.

Spray painting the gold medals

I have no idea why this picture is in here, but I found these two boys cleaning out the fridge together and surprised I asked what they were doing.  Dallas said, "We're earning money.  Sam's trying to get a pocket knife and I just like having money."  They got 50cents each.  Well worth it for a clean fridge.

Finished gold medals on ribbon with the colors of the 8 values.

Our girls-(missing two from the pix)!  They did so great!  Each of them had a parent or family member come and talk about how they've shown strength and courage (ala Olympic athlete).  It was wonderful to hear how special these girls are.  They are going to make a huge difference in the world.  One of our talented Presidency members made that poster behind the girls.  Isn't it fabulous?

Showing off our awesome torch.  We made up countries for them based on their last names.  It was funny.

And here is our actual Olympic torch.  One of the girl's Dads was a torch bearer for the actual Olympics.

Soon I'll post the video that we (Pat and I) put together.  We showed two videos, one of an Olympic triumph and one a personal/spiritual triumph.  For the Olympic triumph we showed clips from Cool Runnings that we had diced together.  It brought lots of laughs and cheers.  And then the spiritual video was just beautiful, and the girls seemed to know the song and spontaneously sang along softly.  The Spirit of God was there.  Not only did I feel it during the night directing what we said, but before with some last minute arranging with the program.  I am just so so pleased that it turned out so well!  I am understanding my calling more and feeling more and more glad that I was called to work with our girls.  They are the best!


Since our friends started a 4-H club, and it's free, we decided to join.  I'm still learning about what 4-H is.  Growing up in the city, it seems like what people in the country do, and like it has something to do with animals.  But it is actually quite diverse.  Tonight D had to make and present  and be able to talk about his favorite food to the judges.  He picked his favorite breakfast smoothie.  Here's his display.

D is in the older kids group that goes through high school ages.  All of the food was judged by the fire department, and they showed the younger kids (Cloverbuds) the fire truck!  I didn't get to go, since Ln has a fever, but Pat said it was a really fun night!