Sunday, September 30, 2012

A sweet girl

I love watching this little one grow and seeing her personality starting to come out.  She gets super thrilled and a high squeaky voice if she sees a baby or something pretty.  For example on Sundays when she gets to wear a pretty dress, she nearly dies with excitement at the bows, ribbons and such and points them all out to us in her squeaky voice.  Oh that, and, she's crazy.
This was a Sunday morning getting ready for church, when little Leia decided to throw a party with Bella as a reluctant participant. 
Does anyone want this dog?  She has a sad life.
Here's L is eating rice patties with powdered sugar (a traditional breakfast from Pat's mom's side of the family). 
And here she is after dumping out the bag of powdered sugar we left on the table.  This doesn't even show the floor.  It took me forever to hand mop the floor.  Laugh it up, loca.
And here she is in another cute Sunday dress, among our giant sunflowers. 
Two brothers joining in.  D was sick and stayed home today.
Put your tie on Sam!
And now church is over and it's lunch time and she's still crazy!

We love you sunshine girl! (Update:  We had a dr appt today and according to his never fail formula for girls, she is going to be 5'9" when she's grown up.  Crazy! The men on my side and Pat's side are both about 6' tall, but I'm only 5'6"!  Guess I'll steer her toward volleyball!  I love it anyway!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last night I was reading a story to the kids about a donut shop, and this morning thought it would be fun to visit some and watch the donuts being made.  Only bad thing about that is to get to the Krispy Kreme took over an hour!   We visited three shops.  There was one more, but we were sugared out by then.  We rated them on taste and found out how many donuts each shop made daily.  Krispy Kreme was 7,200 or 600 dozen that they shared with their two other locations.  Dunkin Donuts was about 2,400, and Duke City Donuts was about 2,000. We all thought DCD was the best!  Although, at KK their question of the day was:  What are the four houses at Hogwarts?  Dallas enjoyed answering that.

Then we stopped at a clock shop and talked to them about the lost art of clock repair.  Very few people know this trade anymore, and it was also something we've come across in the book Caddie Woodlawn.  I talked to the kids a lot about the importance learning a trade before they go off to college.  Oh, and Leia was terrified at the cuckoo clocks.  They surprised her when they popped out and when they went back in.  For a mere 500-1000 dollars we could get a pretty neat clock!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I thought these pictures would be fun to look back at when we're all older.  I love these four!

I don't even know why these pictures were taken, and because of my stupid camera, they all turned out mostly bad, but I still wanted to save them.  I've been very proud of my kids lately.  They've done a lot of wonderful things like waking up early and finishing a lot of school before school even starts.  And yesterday Pat was out of town and Dallas cleaned an enormously messy house almost entirely on his own.  On top of that he played babies with his sister and read her books.  Some days I just don't know what gets into them, but they are such a blessing to me!  A big thanks to Dallas in particular today, without whom we'd have no clean dishes to eat off of, and a mess everywhere we went!  He has also discovered Harry Potter and is halfway through book 3 in only 1 1/2 weeks.  He's so funny.  Any book I read to the boys at night, I start off reading 1-2 chapters, and then plan to continue the next night, but by that time, if it's a book that's interesting to Dallas, he'll have read it all by then.  But he listens politely while I finish it for the other two.  Our last book was Matilda.  He read it twice by the time I finished it for the family.  (So technically he read it three times.)  Then we had fun watching the movie.  Sam was seriously scared of the Trunchbull.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last minute trip

In which D nearly gets mauled by a bear
So we had planned to go to Disneyland with my family, but plans got cancelled when my brother had a tragic accident.  If Jeremy reads this, he'll roll his eyes at how dramatic I'm being, but it scared us bad.  I can't stand it when bad things happen to him, and I'd say falling from, what was it, 28ft? up, and landing on a marble floor, breaking at least 10 bones, with a cracked skull, concussion, bleeding out his ear, and having to be in ICU several days, is pretty tragic.  Not to mention that when he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid, and he'll be worried about that and try to work again too soon.  I hate living so far from home.  Not that he needs me.  He has Kim and his daughter Elle, and my mom and sister and all of Kim's family and friends, but it still sucks.  I love my brother!

So, back to my story, Disneyland got cancelled.  The boys were packed, we hadn't had a vacation all summer, and we were ready to get away.  So we took the opportunity of Pat having a business trip in Denver, to hitch a ride with him and join him.  Well normally he flies, but since we were all coming we drove the 7 hours to Denver.  Long drive.  Yuck!

Leia on the moon.

Still, we had a great time!  We didn't have to pay for hotel, since his work does that for him, and some of the food allowance he got we just used to buy groceries since our hotel had a little kitchen and we cooked there like we were at home.  We even brought all our school books and did our school.  The kids loved the hotel room.  It had a loft for Pat and I with a queen bed and bathroom up there and downstairs it had a fold out bed and fold out couch for the kids and their own bathroom.  So it was like a little home. And they were thrilled to have all the channels we don't, and thrilled with the free breakfast, and never stopped turning all the lights off and on, hiding in the closets, etc.  They also got to swim the first day, before they closed down the pool.

Life on Denver's beaches

We did spend money on an awesome museum and went to the zoo, and a bouncy house, and stopped at a couple parks along the way.  Two of the four days of the vacation were just spend driving, but the other two days were great and we had a great time.
Picture of Denver

I did sprain my ankle coming down the stairs carrying Leia the first day.  It hurt really bad, and then seemed fine, and I walked around a lot on it, until about 4 hours later when I was in bed and it just got worse and worse.  I could barely move my foot at all.  I couldn't sleep because of the pain. And in the morning when I woke up to use the bathroom, I couldn't walk on it.  Pat left for work, and I was on my own.  Not wanting to ruin our vacation yet again with another injury, I fretted about what to do.  I just wanted to stay in bed, but we were supposed to go to the museum.  After about an hour I could put a little weight on it, so since Pat was at work, me and the kids set of for the museum.  (About an hour drive through the busy freeways and streets of Denver- which should have been 1/2 hour but my directions told me to go South instead of North- thus requiring correction time).

Denver's colder, lesser known wilderness

When we got there I rented a wheel chair and the kids pushed me around.  Pat showed up after a work. It was such a big museum that we were there about 4 hours total.  There was no end to the different wings and exhibits to be seen.  The kids loved it, and learned a lot, since there was a lot of hands on stuff.  I got a lot of sympathetic looks.  (Wheelchair bound mother with four kids- can you imagine?)

A puppet show that went wrong when the squid and octopus attacked.
Also, the boys all wanted to push me, and I was glad that I didn't become a burden to them, but they are also not the safest drivers.  They like to go way too fast and crash into things, so I used arm power as much as I could.

L and a gorilla at the zoo.  You can't tell in the picture but he was frighteningly huge.
Evan liked the bouncy house the best.  All the kids played so hard and got so sweaty there.  And little Leia, threw herself down the hugest slides like a lunatic.  They all laughed and played forever. There was this one part at the bouncy house where Pat forced me into this bouncy-obstacle course which hurt my foot, my pregnant belly and boobs because I didn't fit, my pants that I can't zip up were falling down, and at the big slide at the end, he pushed me when I wasn't ready and I got my skin rubbed off on my elbow!   When I was able, with much pain, to finally get off, I marched away without a word.  Yes I throw fits.  This would have never happened at Disneyland.

Our wagon at the zoo.
He did take me out to a nice restaurant that night, so I stopped being mad at him after a while.  It was a terrific restaurant, and the kids behaved splendidly besides Leia spilling her water which is just her mealtime ritual.  And now we're back home, safe and sound, and our kind neighbors took care of the animals and everything is well.  It was fun to do something last minute!  Thanks Denver! (I never took pictures at the bouncy house or too much of anything on this trip- didn't feel like it.  Just wanted to enjoy.

There were dinosaurs at the museum

And Indian exhibits

And a health and human body area that was probably the most fun of all- all sorts of interactive stuff.
And my foot doesn't bother me too much now.  Not sure if I should still go to a doctor or not.
 My brother is healing up well according to my mom and sister, and when I talked to him he sounded happy and full of energy.  He's at home now, but he better not try anything work-wise for weeks.  He's got a lot of recovery and we pray for him daily.  Love you Jeremy. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

What a wonderful guy!

This wonderful boy is so enthusiastic and so terrific.  You should see how cute he is playing soccer.  Here he is showing something he made at 4-H.  He's been giving me a lot of names that I could possibly use for this baby.  His latest two are: Perry Platipus and Flufflepants Fluff.  Notice how he has even thought of middle names.  I just felt like saying I really love this guy more than words can tell.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Science lesson on Force

Pat: What does force mean?

Dallas: Kind of pulling on something?

Evan: Moving something?

Sam: Without touching it!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam's Baptism!

Sam did a wonderful job, this day, and acted really grown up and has continued to impress me since! He shook everyone's hands when it was over to thank them for coming and listened well and remembered everything.
 This day turned out wonderful!  We were so sad Pat's family couldn't come this time, but so glad my sister and brother T came.  I think they knew I would break my heart if no one came.  It's hard living so far from home! My mom wanted to come but still can't do all that plane travel.
Sam chose me to lead the music and Brother Kraus to play piano.  Brother Kraus's first name is Garth and that's what Sam called him.  But it sounded like he was saying God.  Sam, who do you want to play piano?  "God."  Tall order.
Sam asked Evan to say the opening prayer.  At first Evan was super scared and said no, but then he did it like it was nothing and grinned his three dimpled grin for everyone to enjoy!  He was awesome and did great!  Uncle T gave the talk on Baptism and did terrific.  Everyone in our ward was begging him to move here.  Dallas gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and even though he didn't want to, I made him, since Sam had asked him, and he did wonderful.  Pat performed the baptism and confirmation and Steph got off easy with the closing prayer, but I made her work to help make treats for everyone. 
For songs, we went through the whole children's songbook, and Sam choose Baptism pg. 100, and Nephi's Courage pg. 120.  I love them both.  Baptism is so beautiful, and Nephi's courage is so fun for all the kids who were there.  Bishop Nuckols presided, and Brother Hasler conducted and was very emotional at how beautiful it all was.  I love love the Hasler's and am so happy for them just getting called to go to Peru to serve a mission.  Their kids are grown and gone now, and they'll be off soon on their mission!  Anyway, it was just a wonderful day!  I was so happy with all the beautiful people from church who came to support Sam, and us as well.  It's so nice to feel loved.  Most of all, I'm thankful to God for sending his son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way and be an example for us.  He was perfect, and had no need to be baptized, but still did it to fulfill all righteousness and to be an example for us who so very much need it.  I know he lives and is our Savior and we will be with him again someday.  I love him and choose to follow him, and hope my children will always do the same. 

Life is all about Plan B

14 week baby
I haven't told you, dear blog, that I am pregnant yet.  See I had to go through all the right channels first.  Telling family.  Telling friends.  Telling Facebook friends.  And now telling you.  You who matters least because you're my journal, and I already knew the secret.  Surprise Karisa!  You're pregnant!

I could not begin to tell you the roller coaster of feelings I have about this pregnancy.  I was told if I got pregnant again, I would need to do shots in my stomach twice daily, because of a blood clotting issue, which is why they think I've had so many miscarriages, the one in particular before Leia who was about 17 weeks.  Pat did not want me to get pregnant again because he thinks it's too hard on my body and doesn't want me to go through that again.  I wasn't so worried about that- my last successful pregnancy with Leia was great!  It's only the nursing- those first 6 months that are awful.  (Well not like delivery is fun, but... you know.)  So, short story long, we weren't looking to have any more kids. (But a part of me still wanted to have one more.)

Fast forward, and, I'm 14 weeks pregnant today.  So I'm very excited and very scared.  Scared because I'm not sure God wanted me to.  That's a feeling I got.  I kept trying to find out why in my prayers.(Would the pregnancy not go well?  Would I not recover?  Or did he just want me for some other purpose?)

That was months ago, and I never found out why and now I'm worried that I forced it, like Joseph and the lost 116 pages.  Except that I in no way forced it.  Like I said, I hadn't decided AGAINST having another baby completely like Pat, but my husband was taking care of making sure I didn't get pregnant and I left it at that.  After finding out, Pat said, and I quote, "I have no idea how this happened."  Ha.  But seriously, he's the one that pays attention to all that stuff.  In fact I pay so little attention to my cycle, that he had to tell me that I was late and to go buy a pregnancy test.  (Which is an exciting thing to hear! And Pat is, of course, very happy despite everything.)

We had been pursuing adoption alternatives since I didn't feel like our family was complete yet.  (However, adoption is turning out to require so much training, time, money and intrusions into our family life, that it's impossible for us right now.)  So I prayed and prayed about what to do.

I could not fathom getting rid of all my baby clothes and maternity clothes yet.  They still need to be used one more time!  That may seem silly, but it's how I felt.  Perhaps God was just saying, not yet? all those months ago when I prayed?  All I can do now is hope for the best.

And, like has happened before, when I went in for the tests, they came back negative.  So it's like sometimes my body tests positive for the blood clotting thing, and sometimes negative.  So I don't have shots!   In the end the doctor just said to take a baby aspirin like I did with Leia.  I hope that's right.  I am scared about being able to take another loss. I mean if you had been through the sucky summer I have, you would hope it was all for something.  I have felt so awful for three months.  Plenty of gagging and throwing up every time I have to brush my teeth or change a diaper, and general icky-ness and tiredness throughout each day.  I don't know how I made it through swim lessons.

I hope I don't seem like a downer, writing all this.  I am super happy, and very blessed, but just careful to guard my feelings, because I am terrified to lose the baby again.  I have nightmares of all sorts.   Sometimes I can't sleep at all because I remember how much work a new baby is and wonder how I'll get through it again, which is silly, because we're good parents and have older kids now who love to help.  But my mind seems to be going overtime so much that I've taken to falling asleep to the t.v. each night.  I say my prayers and read my scriptures, and then fall asleep to the t.v. so to shut out my thoughts.  Pat has given me a blessing and I do feel like things will be okay.  It's probably just my overactive hormones that are making me have all these thoughts.

(On a side note, I am SO HAPPY  that my kids will be able to come to the hospital and see me this time.  When I had Leia, there was that stupid H1N1 thing, and I was mostly alone, and they were not allowed to come and I was so profoundly sad.  My family means everything to me and I love being with them.)

New topic:
This is the first time I've started school still not ready.  So we do what we can each day while I slowly get the remaining things planned and figured out.  I feel really bad for being low on patience and not starting the year all prepared and excited, but I'm doing the best I can, and we're almost there.  I started school the same day I started my new calling and it's been quite a juggling act.  Thankfully I've been given a priesthood blessing both for the start of the new school year, and for my calling, full of direction and love that really helps.
I think I've said before that I started early because I realized that since I'm due the first week of March, that is going to seriously interrupt the last three months of school.  Which is fine- it can be made up.  No permanent damage.  But still I thought it best to start early. Our math teacher (who shall remain nameless) got the kids a year behind in math, so I've had to take that over, and we've got two years of math to do this year!  Also our exercise teacher quit.  Running a school is rough, I tell ya!  Especially when the staff exits!

Boy's reading lists 2012/2013
Any prayers you can add to ours for all these things to work out are sure appreciated.  Today is Sunday, and we're all home from church because several kids are throwing up. We just like to keep things fun!