Monday, January 14, 2013

Anniversary in Germany

Saturday was our 12 year anniversary!  Nothing amazing happened, just the hope that we would get to go out on a date at some point!  When you don't get to date much (I blame my sister for not moving here to watch my kids for free whenever I want), you don't think about elaborate anniversary plans (not that that wouldn't be nice if we had the time or budget), you just want a simple date!  We knew the date probably wouldn't happen until Leia was napping, since we feel better leaving the kids for a couple hours then.

I've tested leaving the kids at home while I do quick stuff around town, and they've been doing a terrific job.  They don't fight (they would tattle on each other if they did), they just look forward to it, because it's the only time I let them play video games.  They take terrific care of Leia too, though I usually don't plan to leave until she is napping.  It  just seems better to know that she'll be asleep for all or most of the time, and consequently, the boys, not wanting to wake her, will quietly play video games or watch movies, and be safe.   They are really responsible, and I trust them.

So for the first half of the day, we rearranged our whole house trying to get ready for the baby.  Moving beds, crib, couches, etc.  I gave Dallas my desk since I knew it would mean a lot to him, and he was ecstatic!  He and Sam are sharing it, and they have worked it out so nicely.  Since I've got a crib in my room now,  I didn't have room for the desk anyway.  Evan and Leia moved in together since they both need to go to bed earlier, and both of the rooms look so nice now!  Everyone is really excited about the changes.  My treadmill ended up in E and L's room, and hopefully that will work out.  Thanks to Pat and Dallas for doing all the heavy lifting!

Then finally around 3pm, Leia was napping.  We wanted to go see Les Mis, Lincoln, and The Hobbit, but all of these movies were so long, it wouldn't work with our short allotment of time, or the potty schedule.  Did you know that pregnant people have to go practically every 10 minutes?!  At least it feels like that.

So we went to the mall to look at make-up, books, See's Candy, and then to dinner at a German restaurant.  It was a really neat restaurant- very small, and very authentic, not fancy, and a cute old man waiter who was quick with everything.  It felt like we were in Germany.  And as much as I wanted to, I refrained from breaking out into song.  But it was hard!  Especially looking at the menu and seeing so many different kinds of schnitzel and 60 different kinds of strudel on display!!!  Also authentic bread and German potato salad (which is hot and sour!), sauerkraut, etc.  Let me just say, that the Germans KNOW breads and pastries.  I was impressed and it takes a lot to impress me in the breads and pastries category.  My blood sugar was too high for the first time when I tested it afterward.  But it was worth it just this once, and I'm so glad we didn't go to a trendy, chain-type restaurant.

This is me and Pat in Germany.  We've changed our look a bit.
So then we pretty much went home and to bed, because we are party animals.  You know you're jealous.  But as far as I'm concerned we went to Germany for our 12 year anniversary.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  I now speak German to my kids (Guten Morgan, Tag, and Nacht is all I know) and the rest I make up.

p.s. Each of my kids has a song that I've sung to them for their whole life.  Sam's is Edelweiss.


Sarah said...

I can't make up my mind if you really went to a German restaurant. If so, which one???

Karisa said...

Ha, ha! Yes we did. Dagmar's? I think that was what it was called.