Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update and baby update

These boys of mine are always impressing me with all they can do.  Whenever we don't feel like cooking, they don't just wait around.  They get to it!  Here they are making breakfast burritos with cheese, ham, salsa, and eggs for the four of them. 
And Evan set the table all fancy! 
Dallas even made awesome chocolate chip cookies entirely on his own for Family Night.  And I mean awesome!

Laundry.  Remove stickers first.
"I did it!  All by myself!"  What Daisy said when she got her own coat down from the coat hanger.  She also got every other coat down, and the coat hanger.  (LN is now Daisy- it just happened- no one knows why).
Playing 'socks off' for family night.  You have to stay on your hands and knees and try to get everyone else's socks off before they get yours off.  The boys prepare by putting on the tallest soccer socks they have.  They immediately go for Dad, and Dad immediately goes for me, so we're out in 10 seconds.  Then they battle for 5 minutes laughing hysterically, and Daisy wins.
Evan picked this dessert of pudding and graham crackers.  Sister is not complaining.

And I'm not the only one having a baby around here.  Daisy walks around with her baby under her shirt.  Babies having babies!
Update from my appointment today.  I still have to poke myself 4x a day, even though my numbers have been great.  I went in determined to tell them I'm done with the pokes because I know how to eat now and my numbers are always great, but baby is still being worrisome.  Baby's abdomen is still too large even though my numbers have been great.  They say it's bigger than his head, so there's the chance that the head could come out and then he'd be stuck and I'd have to go for a c-section.  I am 35 weeks and he is measuring 37 weeks and is already more than 7lbs according to whatever they do to measure.  (His head is bigger too, but not as big as abdomen.)  I don't know what to do.  I've already only gained 16lbs for this whole pregnancy, and don't see what else I can do.  I'm sure it will all be least I hope!  And I don't know if I just forgot, but I feel like no baby has ever kicked me so hard and been so active EVER!  He can manage to kick in a million places at once and it's so hard that I have to breathe through it and hold onto my bladder!  At least he's doing well in that respect!  I have a date for induction, so I just have to make it a bit longer! 

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