Friday, January 25, 2013


Homemade Hard Tack like the soldiers ate long ago for their rations.  Pretty easy, and the kids really liked it!  It would be great for food storage.  Only problem is it really is as hard as a brick.  They had to suck on it to eat it.  It would break your teeth if you succeeded in biting it.
I have really been enjoying studying the Revolutionary War and all that lead up to it, with D and S.  Evan is studying the same thing in school so it's worked out really well.  We learn the 13 colonies, and then he comes home and knows the 13 colonies!  Awesome.  We love, love, love George Washington.  Such amazing people were raised up to be a part of this particular time and place in history, that I cannot doubt God's hand in it.

The thing that is impacting me the most is that freedom was worth fighting for and at some point they said enough is enough and were willing to die.  Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death!"

We have had discussions and written papers about whether or not freedom is worth fighting for.  And discussions about how in America people began to believe they could govern themselves and didn't need a King, Emperor, or Monarch to rule over them.  A republic!  Can man govern himself?  We talked about that too. 

Then I've realized how closely it resembles the war in heaven and our reason for living here on earth.  A non-mormon took the time to figure that out too and I was impressed: 

Smart Mormons by Mike Jensen

(Thanks to my friend Becky for bringing this article to my attention).

We just learned about some of the battles George Washington and his troops were in.  How they crossed the Delaware secretly in the middle of the night with huge chunks of ice floating in the river, even carrying their 3000lb cannons down to the boats and back off on the other side, and then marching 9 miles in the freezing snow, and many were without shoes and just wrapped rags on their feet.

Well, we got a good snow, sooo....... of course I made us do it.  Don't worry, their homeschool mom had to do it too.  Thanks to their dad, they didn't have to do it in the dark.  Pat wouldn't let me wake them at 5am to do it in the dark like I wanted to.

So here's E wrapping rags on his feet.

Dallas went barefoot.  For the first 10 seconds it wasn't so bad.  We walked.

Then we panicked and began to run!  We had to go all the way down to the end of the driveway and back up!

And then to the backyard to get the cannons (wheelbarrow and lawn mower) across the Delaware.
We all died.  Only Sam could move the cannons.  My rags fell off one foot and it was awful.  Sam snuck socks on under his rags though, so I guess it was fitting that he move the cannons across.

I hope we all remember the sacrifices made by so many soldiers throughout history to make and keep our country free.

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