Saturday, January 12, 2013

This and That

Finishing off the "sick" popsicles.  Evan always wants his shirt tucked in.  Even in pj's.  And button up shirts have to be buttoned all the way up.  Sam, on the other hand always wears his shirt inside out AND backwards, on purpose.  Aagghh!!

Dad asked them to bring in wood.  They accomplished the mission.  They are so awesome!

I loved this dinner.  Collard greens and bacon (chop up bacon, cook, drain- then wipe out pan and cook greens), and a baked yam with sour cream.  The rest of the family had baked potatoes instead of yams.

I love lentils.  This is thanks to a mission in Chile.  Lentils with brown rice, and Pat's leftover curry from when he went out to lunch with co-workers.  So spicy!!!!  The sausage is there because I'm supposed to eat more protein with the gestational diabetes, but I hated it. 

I love, love, love my daughter. She got to go to her first ever birthday party for her friend Bailey!

Yes, beat the princess Rapunzel.

Bailey and Leia
It was a super fun party!!!  (Leia is just wondering what to do in this picture.  And probably why the cake is so far away.)

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