Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No pictures!

Every time we go for an ultrasound, our baby boy won't allow pictures.  He is always facing my spine with his feet up over is head AND his hands on his face.  Today I mentioned again at my ultrasound that if they happened to get a good shot of him, I'd love a picture.  They said, when the baby is this chunky there's just no room for him to pose!

Well, we briefly saw his face yet still didn't get a good picture.  But we all saw how chubby his cheeks were!  Dallas remarked in the car, "He looked like Darth Vader when he took off his mask."

Isn't that a heart warming image?

Oh and last night for family night, Sam picked the game and it was to play freeze tag on our knees.   Since I couldn't do much on my knees, whoever was IT would pass right by me and forget about me, and then when they weren't looking, I'd un-freeze everyone.  It was hilarious.  When everyone had had a turn being IT, Dad declared the game done, but the boys said, "What about Mom?"  Pat said, "Well, that wouldn't be very fun".  I thought, I'll show them!  But they were always just barely out of my reach and kept unfreezing each other.  I was out of my league and I knew it.  Dad was right.  I blame the belly.  They could all glide between the couches, and my belly got me stuck every time.

Blame the belly

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