Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's 3!!!!!

Here's our birthday girl!!!! 
For days she's been telling us that it's almost "My Happy Birthday!", then she says a bunch of stuff we don't understand, and then she's singing, "Happy Birthday..." and trails off since that's all she knows.

I tell her, yes, we're going to sing Happy Birthday, and she says, "No. I not sing!  You sing!"

When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she replied without hesitation, "Princess cake!"
It's so weird how she's so into princesses.  She's hardly watched any princess movies.  But she is all princess.

Me: I'm going to go make your cake now....  Or maybe I should do History with your brothers first..

Leia/Daisy: No do history wit my bruders!  Mom, mae my cake!

Me: Ha, ha, ha.  You're funny Leia.

Leia/Daisy: No, not funny!  (She seriously wanted no delays with this princess cake).

When I asked her if she wanted me to write Leia or Daisy on the cake, she said, "Daisy!"

It was a pretty cake, and it sparkled! And it was way too good!

She had been watching these presents pile up on top of the piano, and had to wait 2 full weeks to open them!

Her dad and I got her a My Little Pony and a book.  Her brothers made her tons of stuff.  Like these flashcards for learning her letters and numbers that they worked really hard on.  They also bought her some activity books for 3-4 year olds with her own markers, scissors, and glue.  Eeek!
This is ONE of her cards from her brothers.  Aren't they so sweet?
They also got her glow sticks for at night when she's scared.
And a big pink stuffed bear.  And a marshmallow heart.  Man, they totally outdid us, and it was great!  They love their sister.
The thing I love about Leia's birthday is that it's right near Valentines Day, so there's all sorts of cute stuff out that is red and pink!  Also I like that it is so close to mine.  I hope we will always be friends and that we can celebrate our birthdays together.  Us girls got to stick together!

Pretend that right here are some cute videos of her opening her presents and expressing her views on life.  So far we've been unable to get them to load! Grandmama and Papi got her a doll with homemade clothes by Brenda and so now she has two babies and they both can be dressed, and their clothes actually fit each other and Leia LOVES them.  The video showed her squeaking for joy!

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