Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write.  New baby.  Enough said.

However, I am trying to figure out if my blog is helpful to me or to others and whether or not I should continue it.
In some ways I think it helps me a lot.  For example, I am home with kids most of the time, and I don't live near family, and my husband doesn't talk a great deal, so it gives me the chance to get my feelings out there without forcing anyone to read them, because if you don't like it, you don't visit!  But every now and then someone comments and really makes my day!

Also, Pat really doesn't want me to quit.  He likes what I write, and he likes the great job I'm doing at recording our family history.

But recently he showed me how much work it is for him to convert a years blog posts into the book form. It involves a lot of arranging the writing with the pictures in different layouts.  Since he is already 2 years behind, I am considering "blogging" off-line and directly into the book so at the end of the year, we can just send it for printing and be done.  Since it's barely 2013, now'd be a good time to start.

Also, recently my blog ran out of room for pictures so we had to delete the whole first year (2008) to make room for 2013.  Either that or pay for more space.  I don't know how much, but paying is not an option.  Also will my kids regret me talking about them as they get older?  So far, they don't mind, because I tell them it's for family, and they are happy that family gets to see them, their accomplishments, and their silliness.

What to do...

For now... here's a...

Top 10 list of what women who are having a baby really want:

10. Someone to come see you in all your 9 month glory and say, "Whoa! Your really are pregnant."  Sometimes since you live so far away you feel like no one really knows.
9. Nice new comfy slippers and socks to wear at the hospital and beyond.
8. Nice new nursing bra's and jammies/robe.
7. Someone to take you shopping for the before mentioned items!
6. Someone to help cook or feed the family.
5. Someone to do the dishes and help keep the house clean.
4. Family to be there to watch the kids so you don't have to worry about them, and make them feel special and loved during this time of change.
3. Someone to send you and your husband on a date!
2. Someone to do your hair and make you feel pretty before you deliver and someone to do your hair again after you deliver.  (And maybe even give you flowers!)
1. Someone to say "Good job. You did a good job!", after the delivery and pregnancy are over.

All of these things were done by my mother and sister who came to visit, and the number one was also done by all the doctors and nurses and nearly everyone at church.  It means so much to me.  I never really thought about it like that, or expected anyone to tell me 'good job'.  Makes me cry.


Mary Karlee Mullen said...

Sounds nice to be pampered. Congratulations!! Post baby pics soon. :)

Cecilotta said...

You can't write a post about the new baby without pictures of the new baby! Congratulations! I'm excited for you!

I think it's like $5 a year for tons of extra storage with picasa/blogger. Of course, I'm still too cheap to pay it..... :)

Nathan and Sarah said...

Congratulations!!!! I think everyone should get new Jammie's anytime they stay in the hospital. Wish we lived closer, I would love to spend more time with your family!

Sarah said...

Don't quit blogging and you really did do a good job :)