Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crazy Daisy

Can you tell I've been a bit preoccupied lately?  Man, this has been a difficult recovery. Too bad for you all that it's not stuff that's fun to share about.  I'm sure you were dying to know.

Daisy is always asking for help and I'm always having to tell her 'in a little bit', which can stretch to hours depending on me and Charlie.

I tell her I don't have any hands.

She nods her head up and down and says, "Yes... oo af ands!", and then she points them out to me in a reassuring way.

She's been having to take eye drops, and she say, "Mom, I on't ike eye dwos."

The eye drops didn't work, so now she's on an oral antibiotic.  She would say, "I on't ike medicine", and I used to have to fight her like crazy to get it all in her mouth twice a day, but one day Dad told her that her medicine was good, so now she takes it.

She sings songs at the piano about how mama is so pretty.  And when she sees pictures of herself she says, "Mom!  I so pretty!" We like being pretty girls.

Although when she saw the picture below with the pacifier she said disapprovingly, "Mom- no pacy!", because she knows she's not supposed to have one anymore.  But at nap time I tell her no pacy, and she crys and say, "Mom!  I really need my pacy!  I do!"

She dresses herself all the time now.  This is because she is usually peeing in whatever outfit she had on, and I have no hands to help her.  After Charlie was born, we just decided we weren't buying her anymore diapers so we went into full potty training mode in addition to full newborn mode which has been fun.  Most of the time she puts shorts over pants or tries to put a shirt on bottom and sometimes I'm so occupied that she walks around awkwardly like that all day.  Her brothers have gotten good at feeding her and helping her though now.

There's one thing about Daisy that is different from all the rest of us.  She is loud.  Her voice is constantly waking up Charlie.  "Mom- I'm hunwy!", is her usual cry.

One day I said, "Well, go get some food!", and almost tacked on, "I'm not your mother!", until I realized I was.

Here she is begging me for beans and hot chocolate. 

The back view of her headband.  She figured out how to open the fridge and loves to eat cottage cheese followed closely by yogurt.  She also eats bell peppers, and apples and peanut butter a lot.  Of course there are the more unhealthy choices she makes such as dumping a whole box of sugar on her bed to eat today.

She does not like being left in the house if all the brothers are outside swinging.  When I open the door for her to go out, she yells, "Hi brothers! I'm coming!", in a super cheerful voice like it's their dream come true, and they can hear her across the whole yard which is like an acre.

I finally got a bit of a hairstyle!  But all the front hair still doesn't reach yet.

When I let her watch a show, she skips through the house shouting in her high pitched voice, "Ipee!"  She still can't make the "Y" sound so she still says ES for Yes too.  In fact she's going to need speech therapy just like D did and still does, but we can't do it.  She can still really only talk in vowel sounds.  She can hardly do any consonants.  She talks a lot though and it's really frustrating when no one can understand!  Yet being her family, we understand her better than anyone else would. :(

Last night at the dinner table Sam said, "Girls are disgusting!", and we all just ignored him and kept eating, but then, quickly rising in volume at the injustice of it all, Leia replied, "No! Mom! No! No they not! Mom! Girls nice!", as she nodded her head up and down smiling, which is a signal for me to back her up.  And I did.


Christy said...

Too cute. I love having older helpers. I totally understand the potty training thing but you are braver than me. I just couldn't do it with a new born. We are starting now though!

Also, I wanted to say congratulations. He is a beautiful little guy and I am sorry I haven't posted before this. We have a new computer out in our family room and I haven't transferred blog addresses out there yet but I am so happy and excited for you guys!!

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Karisa said...