Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In no order or sense

...here's what's been going on lately.  First of all, Pat and I got married.  I can't believe you missed it.  You should have a whole bunch of kids like I did.  It makes you look years younger.
Actually, these are my best wedding pictures and since it was during the archaic age of negatives and film, I just wanted a picture of this collage in case it's destroyed someday.
 This is me telling the boys to pay attention to conference.  They are seeing how long they can balance while listening.

This is Charlie looking at us.  We're used to carrying him around and he doesn't pay us any attention, but now that he can see and turn his head, we often look down and notice that he's staring intently at us.

Evan had a school dance a month ago and it was there that we saw he had learned to dance a bit in P.E. when Pat looked over and saw him dancing with a girl.  They totally knew what they were doing.  He's also had girls calling him.  What the heck?  First grade!

Evan and Leia dancing.
Perhaps the girls are crazy for his unique style.  I have too many pictures of him with his socks like this.

I didn't even know Dallas was paying attention to conference until it was over.  I mean he sat through the whole thing, but at the end he surprised me with these.  It's like on a flip chart/key chain thing and on one side it shows the order of the speakers, and on the flip side what they spoke on.

If only this was a beach. -Charlie

This is me catching her with her hand in the cookie jar, or in this case with her hand in my bag grabbing the gum.  She will eat an entire pack at once which I think is terrible!  And she gets in big trouble, but here she is doing it again.  She got in SO much trouble for this.  She pulled her hat down over her eyes as I yelled at her so she didn't have to look at me.

I'm sure having a new baby is hardest on her, and she gets neglected more than I would like, but I have been trying to spend time bathing/dressing/brushing her every day so she looks nice and gets used to taking care of herself, and reading and singing to her at night.  Her song is 'Cockles and Muscles'.  During the day, she often copies what I do.  She has been so sweet and cute lately that if I didn't have Charlie, there would have been a whole bunch of posts just about her, but unfortunately I keep forgetting or not being able to jot it down on a quick scrap of paper for typing later.  Sometimes she just really wants help and is crying big tears and I say I'll help her in just a minute, and she smiles through her tears and cries, "O-tay!" in her sad/happy patient way.  What a sweetheart.

And as soon as Charlie vacates his seat, her baby gets strapped in!

Charlie got this blanket amongst other cute gifts in a box from the Paz and Thorne families.

Last night for family night I had the activity.  We played the incredibly complex game of "if you guess what I'm thinking I get to throw water at you".  So I said I was looking for a color, and then stood in front of each person in turn with a cup of water and a spoon in hand, as they guessed which color I was thinking of.   Whoever guesses it gets a spoonful of water hurled at them from close range.  The only rule is you can't repeat what someone has already said and I only get one spoonful of water to throw.  It's my own fault if I miss, so I have to be fast.

Next I did a number between 1-10. That was funny because no one guessed my number until it was the only one left and it was Dallas's turn, so he had to say it and take the water in the face.  Good times.  But then he got to be "it" and walk around with the water.  You could do anything: rooms in the house, states, continents, items in the fridge, animals at the zoo or in a pet store, etc.  It was fun.  We used to do that on my mission when we played with our wards.

Then we planted seeds in cups to sprout indoors.  Way too late, but we hope it's partially worthwhile.
We are so tired.  It's been almost 2 months now since anyone got a good nights sleep.  But we're surviving.
Our neighbors Toni and Jose gave us plants as well, which was a great kindness!  I love growing things but often don't have the time or money, and we weren't going to do it this year, and the kids were sad since they had already weeded and prepared the ground, but now we can!
Speaking of neighbors, Mike and Jennifer gave us this HUGE gift bag full of all sorts of things for the baby and for the rest of the kids.  It was so thoughtful and kind of them!  They are over-the-top awesome!  Sometimes I just want to kiss people, so I look down quickly and act normal before I do.

I just finished reading Holes to the boys, and we all loved it and laughed out loud.  Then we watched the movie on Saturday which is fun too. (Or as Leia says, "Too too!") But Dallas said the book was better, and we all agreed.

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