Friday, May 31, 2013

On Memorial Day weekend I was cleaning my room watching cooking shows on PBS and thought, 'I'd sure hate to be a vegetarian today' because it was all meat and BBQ- from Oaxaca Mexico to Kansas City!  Then our friends, Shaun and Andrea, invited us over to their house and served some awesome BBQ and it was like heaven!

Our neighbors Jeff and Darlene invited us over the next day for another BBQ.  Aren't we lucky?

We had a camp out with our church family recently, and this year, I actually bowed out.  I have been camping with small babies often enough to finally have realized that it's not fun.  As much as I love our ward members and as sad as I was on missing out on the chance to get out of the house, it was for the best.   Maybe we can snatch some pictures from someone.  Pat and the boys had a great time.

I needed something to send for everyone in my family who went camping, to eat with their hands. I had some hamburger I needed to use so I made calzones.  (You have to pronounce that like the Italians do.)  I made my easy french bread recipe that I use for pizza crust, and put ground beef, tomato sauce, and cheese inside to bake.  I guess I haven't made these for some years because the kids thought they were super fun and delicious.
The kids LOVED making them, but they're not a snap.
Later we had signed up to feed the missionaries, and again, I looked at what I had, and there were potatoes and still some hamburger, but not enough to make hamburgers like Pat wanted.  I also had some leftover ham and broccoli, so I made two types of stuffed potatoes.  A ham, broccoli, cheese, sour cream and onion version, and a sloppy jo and cheese version.  Kind of a weird dinner, but hey.  The missionaries loved them.  I also made cinnamon toast in the oven with the leftover french bread for them and salad.

My potatoes were stuffed way high, but I like this picture below from pioneer woman of a pizza version- the link is below.  Looks good!

This was dinner one night, and honestly the best coleslaw I've ever had!  I wish I could remember how I made it.

This was another dinner.  Palta (which in Chile is avocado mashed up with lemon, evoo, and salt) along side roasted yams, red bell pepper, black beans, etc.  Anyway- it was really good and comes from this recipe where you're supposed to put it in a burrito, but we didn't get that far.

Does anyone want to pay me a million dollars for this?  I entered it in the Pillsbury bakeoff contest, but I didn't win.  It is the best Key Lime Panna Cotta Pie out there; Also the only one.  Sorry it looks kinda blue.  It is the lighting.

A delicious curry made with chick-peas.

Farro and Quinoa for breakfast.

Stephanie- you better love lentils girlfriend.  I love them more and more.

Shepherds pie with lentils instead of meat.  We cooked the lentils until soft with some onion, garlic, carrot, and celery, and then turned it into a gravy perfect for shepherds pie.  There wasn't a bite left.

Noodles with squash and carrots in a cheese cream sauce.  Everyone liked it, but I won't make it again since I had to slice the veggies in thin ribbons which takes too much time.

Beans, onions, corn, and squash.  I think this recipe was called Not Quite Succotash or Calabacitas.  It was good.

Homemade granola bars.  I perfected them for Evan's lunches since store-bought healthy ones are so expensive.  Wheat germ, oat bran, peanut butter, honey, whole wheat flour, flax, oats, etc.  Lots of good stuff.  The ones below don't have the chocolate chips, but have pumpkin seeds instead. We love these.

Then my friend Chantelle brought us her famous caramel brownies.  She makes brownies and then pours the homemade caramel on top.  They are so decadent! 

Eggs in a hole.  The kids really liked these because they are fun.  I remember my mom making them too.  I spread cinnamon sugar butter on the cut out holes and then baked them in the oven at 400 degrees until they were toasted and the sugar was caramelized.  Too much work for normal days, but fun for a change. I ate it with a fork, but the kids loved just picking it up!
Yesterday I was all day at the temple with the youth from our Stake.  It was really neat as some of them found their own names of their deceased ancestors to do work for in preparation for our pioneer trek next week.  I found some names too!  It was really beyond wonderful.

When I got home the table was set with candlelight and Pat served me dinner while I talked his ear off.  It was so nice of him, because I hadn't eaten.  I wondered what in the world he was going to feed me all special-like since we were nearly completely out of food.  He did salad for the first course, and the farro and beans for the main meal.  Tis' a gift to be simple.  And it was delicious!

He had set the table all fancy, but I messed up and used my salad fork for both plates.  I'm so ashamed.

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Christy said...

Lots of yummy food!! I have a granola recipe that I love and use too. So much better for the kids and they love them!