Monday, May 20, 2013

Rick, having just finished up his time as a  Naval officer of a nuclear ship, stopped in New Mexico to be present for his nephew Charles' blessing.  We were soooo happy!!!  We missed seeing Sunny and their kids though, but I was so happy that he spent all that money and time to come!  Especially since he's leaving for Boston and MIT next.

The blessing was great, and this is the only picture I took!  We're all tired because it's early Monday morning and Rick is leaving to catch his flight. Daisy and Charles are still asleep so they're not even pictured! Failed again to take pictures when it counts!  Charlie was so cute and I didn't even take a picture.  He wore the same sleeper Dallas wore when he was blessed, and Dallas will be 11 this year!

I even planned to take pictures at the airport, but forgot the camera.  It was funny though when we all went to the airport to pick Rick up, I told the boys the first to hug Rick would get a prize.  Then as his plane deboarded, I tried to trick the boys into hugging random people by saying, that's Uncle Rick! There was this really dark Indian man they almost hugged, a really old man, and a man who I swear was 7 feet tall.  I was cracking myself up.

Then they were cracking me up by singing Alice Cooper's Poison at the top of their lungs while we drove home.  Yep, Rick got that special treat.  Sometimes you feel ashamed even while you're laughing.  Sam really likes that song, and now even Leia says it's her favorite.  Of course everything is her favorite.  

All right everybody!  Let's dance!  I'll be your instructor today!
First do this...
then this...
now this...
then freestyle!
She loves to dance and to tell others how to dance.

I still say these swings were our best purchase ever!

I just cleaned out my spice cupboard.  Apparently I always forget I have Thyme and Cloves, so I have three and four jars of that stuff.  Then the kids made tuna sandwiches and experimented with all different seasonings and vinegars etc.  I told Dallas, "You don't eat bay leaves, their for flavoring soups and stews and then you take them out."

"Well, I just ate one", was his smiling reply.  He made me laugh.

He just tried out for a challenge soccer team, but in the end it's going to cost so much for the extra stuff that comes with competitive soccer that we're just sticking with regular AYSO soccer.  We don't know if he made the team or not, but after looking at the budget, that's what we've decided.  It's nice to have an anchor.

I got one fist of iron and the other of steal.  If the right one don't get ya, then the left one will. -Charlie

When three year olds dress themselves.
Just chillin'.  Our doctor convinced me to put Daisy in speech therapy, so I figured if I had to make the drive I might as well do Dallas too.  Here we go again! 
This is Evan's last week of school.  We actually made it!  Thanks to one awesome teacher, Ms. Wilson.  She and I are kindred spirits.  And thanks to one awesome charter school opening up out here with a wonderful principal who has impressed me, so we are putting all the boys in next year.  We will still pray about it every year, and we may return to homeschooling in the future, but for now, it will be an exciting new adventure next year.  I'm sad and happy.

We had so much fun at the end of the year award ceremony.  The junior high and highschool kids had won numerous state and national awards, and one family of 11 got up and sang the most beautiful song in perfect harmony, and the guitar kids played songs, and then there was a dance.  But to start off the dance, all the grades performed their own dances that they had learned in PE.  Evan did the chicken dance, which was a lot like a square dance, with all the kindergarteners and first graders.  They were sooo cute!

And then the 2nd and 3rd graders did their dance, and all the way up to the top (this year that's 10th grade), the dances getting more and more complicated, and with how much I love dancing and music I was so impressed I thought I would fall over.  The fourth graders were doing a complicated dance to Irish music, and the highschoolers even better!  Then the whole school came out and rocked my world with Shakira's 'Waka Waka-This ones for Africa' song.  They did it like a line dance, with a freestyle part and I LOVED it.  And what I loved most was that THEY loved it.  You could see how happy the kids were from highschool, all the way down to kindergarten.  It was loud because of the clapping and shouting parts and so fun.

In a world where kids are brought up thinking dancing = sex and that it is dancing to grind up on someone, or to pair off and bear hug like at my school dances, it was so refreshing to see that old fashioned dancing where everyone dances together in a pattern and everyone can participate and have a great time.  And they didn't even need poles.

I wish we did this at our church dances, although they do have some of that.  They do line dances to all sorts of music now.  It's weird, but the youth love it.  Oh- and Sam was out dancing with everyone on the Africa song and just caught on.  Dallas was off playing with his friends, and Daisy was super offended that I wouldn't let her dance with the highschoolers.  She loves to dance!  I could have stayed all night, but we had to leave because Charlie was too little for that scene.

The school has only about 250 students total this year, but they will be up above 400 next year, and the following year they will be at capacity which is around 500 and have all the grades from K-12.  I hope it just gets better, and the growth doesn't affect things negatively.  We loved having Evan in a first grade class with only 12 students!  


Christy said...

Wow! Your swings are AWESOME. They are so tall. I love swings too. Kids never outgrow them. My 13 year old still loves to swing and so does the Senior boy who lives on the property. Swings are the best. Your end of the year sounds like a fun time!!

I love charter schools. We have Jacob in one and I love it!

You are an amazing Mom. I know giving up homeschooling has been hard but think of all the fun things you can do with the babies next year, and like you said, you can always bring them home again next year!!

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy! You are the best!

Karisa said...

Thanks Christy! You are the best!

Kent and Char said...
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Kent and Char said...

Charlie looks like Evan! They are all sooooo cute!