Saturday, June 15, 2013

A few of my favorite things-updated

My favorite thing about blogging is being able to capture a bit of the children's lives as they grow, and the good times we have together.

Recently Evan had pain in his ear, so I took him to the doctor which is about an hour from home and very near our Albuquerque Temple.  We go to this doctor so far away because they have staff there on evenings and weekends which we end up needing so often.  On this particular night the doctor said Evan did have an ear infection starting and would need antibiotics, so we left and headed to the pharmacy. It was nearly dark.  We passed right by our temple and decided to stop and see the flowers and trees.  It was just me and Evan, and we skipped everywhere we went.  It was so much fun, and by the time we skipped around the entire temple grounds, stopping to smell the flowers along the way, we were so alive, and laughing so hard, our blood was pumping, and we were all tired out.  It was great.  Today is my last day with six year old Evan.

I forgot to mention that Evan got straight A's for every quarter at school, and he got awards for never getting in trouble and for Honesty.

Evan has a deliberate way of speaking and super cute smiles and voice that just melts your heart.  My friends say he could start swearing like a sailor and everyone would just go "Awwwww!"

By the way, Charlie has had so many eye infections that we finally went back to the doctor in exasperation at having gone through so many rounds of antibiotics with the infection returning immediately.  Turns out, the doctor finally realized, that the drains in his eyes are still plugged and not open yet like they normally are at birth, so the tears that constantly bathe all our eyes for him have no where to go!  So it turns crusty and builds up after a while like boogers.  They will hopefully open up before he's a year old, and if not a procedure will need to be done.

A few weeks ago me and the kids finished another book together: The Secret Garden, and then we watched the movie.  We liked reading it better, as always.  These last two weeks have been crazy stressful with Trek and scout camps, so we're trying to get caught up starting today.  The boys (especially Sam) loved scout camp.  Sam's favorite thing was archery, and Dallas's was BB guns.

Here's some pictures of getting ready for Trek.  Daisy with her rag curls:

And me with mine.

I love how they turned out!  But since they didn't do the spiral tubes like we wanted I went with a different rag curl method where you actually wrap the hair in tubes.

Dallas helping me while I cooked for Trek by taking care of Charlie.  I had to make tons of homemade caramel and hot fudge sauce for the ice-cream party, and then I took care of two of the meals for the young women: a breakfast and a lunch.

Charlie in his bouncy seat- all tuckered out.  We all stood around him and laughed and laughed because he had been talking and bouncing happily to all of us, and we looked away for less than a minute and when we looked back he was like this.  Poor baby.  He got laid down comfortably for a long nap.

Evan helping to make the worlds biggest egg and ham salad.  It was super yummy!

Isn't Charles huge?  Just sayin'.
Pioneer Woman
I was going to wait for someone to send me some pictures of me in my pioneer dress out on the trail, but since that might take a while, I took one here at home for my mommy to see.  She made me this dress just by me giving her my measurements over the phone.  Isn't it the best!!?!  The ties around my neck are from my bonnet she made which is hanging down my back.  I should have put it on, but I'll post more pictures when I get them.  I sure had it on while I was on trek!  The sun could have killed you otherwise (down near Soccoro, New Mexico).  The only thing I made was the apron and the bloomers.  I made the bloomers by selecting a good pair of pajama pants and putting them on.

On trek I worked so hard, I broke myself (I think all the adults were broken for a week afterward), but it was a great experience and worth it.  The youth I get to work with are amazing.  I helped the girls wash and curl their hair, made meals, and supported everyone the best I could with all the other activities which much of the time meant I was hauling water, 5 gallons at a time, every 5 minutes, and amazingly, never hurt my back.  There just were no other men or people available to help and we desperately needed water. I was an invalid for days after coming home since I'm still recovering from Charlie's birth, and I thank Pat for watching the kids and taking care of everything for me to have this chance to serve.

I'm talking to my cute Daisy here, and I liked this picture even though it's blurry.  I think Evan took these pictures.


Sarah said...

You're so beautiful Karisa!

Karisa said...

Thanks Sarah! Missed you yesterday!

Karisa said...

Thanks Sarah! Missed you yesterday!