Thursday, June 20, 2013


Us cousins at my sister's wedding.  Cousins not pictured: Jennifer and Jared, Patrick, Frank, John-John, Brian, Justin, Cait, Scotty, Kristen, and Brandon.
Looking back at this post, I feel it needs an explanation.  My cousin Danny committed suicide today.  He is third to the left of the bride.  I wrote this poem for him after crying for hours and not being able to settle down.  It seemed to need to be written before I could sleep.  There was a reason for it and I feel like the spirit inspired it.  I'm glad it blessed my aunt and uncle and all who read it.  Love you Danny.

a light has gone out

One of the brightest
with so much light yet to give
is now dimmed from my eyes

Where has he gone?
His place is hidden from me

He was always there
but now no more

And all those who knew him
are looking
and hoping
and searching

For they cannot bear to live without him
And it does not make sense

There can be no peace for us

But please, God, please
Let there be peace for him

Help him to smile again
You know what to do
you know what he suffered

And tell him
about each one of us
who misses him,

whose hearts are breaking

and who will never stop loving him

and never stop seeking

to see his familiar face again.