Saturday, July 13, 2013

A week of scout camp

Pat finally gets home today.  He's been gone for a week- left early Monday morning.  He works with the young men at church, so was at their scout camp with them this week.  

I'm feeling like I got the raw end of this deal.  My week has consisted of daily swim lessons in Albuquerque, 2 trips to piano lessons, speech therapy, cow costumes for free food at Chick-fil-A, and taking care of the five kids and all the chores while babysitting other kids as well.  I've logged way to many hours driving and it is way too hot.

Then Pat calls me and says the food is great and it's been a relaxing vacation. It's a nice facility with a huge kitchen and cooking staff- it's actually where we go for girls camp- so it's my kitchen! So he never has to cook or clean or get up with the baby in the night, etc.  You get the idea.  He said they even made the leaders a special steak dinner one night that was excellent.  Other than that he just hangs out with the boys and has fun playing Marco Polo in the pool.  He's not in charge of anything- the staff does that, and the boys- who are learning to become leaders- are in charge of everything else.  He's just there to supervise.   Oh and have fun on the ropes courses, zip lines, and have a skeet shooting competition with all the leaders!

Anyway... I'm glad he'll finally be home today.  I'm torn between wanting time with him and wanting to run screaming from my house.  Decisions, decisions...  

Last night, Sam was tormenting everyone again, like he's so good at, and me, not wanting to spank him again, threw my mashed potatoes across the room at him. So, I'd say it's going pretty well on the home front.

Here's a couple of emails Pat sent me throughout the week.  I thought they were funny.  On the first day of camp, they tested all the boys to see what level of swimmers they were: not at all, okay, or advanced.  They divided the pool into those three sections with the boys who didn't know how to swim at all in the shallow end of the pool.  Pat got there late and only got the okay for the shallow end.  So the boys made fun of him all day.  The next day he wrote this:

I tried calling and nobody answered.  We got lots of rain today in the afternoon.  I passed my swimming test and it about killed me, I really need to exercise more.  I had to swim 100 yards (4 laps, 1 on my back) and Float for 30 seconds.  Near the end of my third lap I thought I was going to die but then I got to relax On my back.  I miss you guys, I might try to call tonight.  We have a 5 mile hike (weather permitting) at 7:00 so we'll be back around ten and I'll try calling then.

And another:

I had a flat tire this morning, bleh.   I'm tired, but everything is going well.  I think I've walked seven miles already and we got corn dogs for lunch, yay!  I did get to swim already and I've given Noah his water bottle ten times already because he keeps leaving it everywhere. 

And last night:

I probably won't call tonight, I'm thinking about you guys and miss you, can't wait for tomorrow.  I got peer pressured into a belly flop competition, ouch.

I'll have him post once he gets home with the camera.  And I didn't have it as bad as some of the women in the ward whose husbands took TWO WEEKS of their summer (which was all their vacation time) to take the older boys to Philmont.  I feel bad for them, but I do believe God will bless them for that sacrifice of time, since their hearts were in it, and they did it for the right reasons- to make wonderful men out of these wonderful boys.  Our ward is big into scouting and we have a GREAT scouting program.  In fact, lots of people who don't even go to our church participate in our scouting program, and serve as leaders, and are there every week supporting. It is a great blessing to the young men to have all these amazing adult leaders as examples and teachers.  I wish every boy or young man had men like these as their fathers and teachers.  The world would be a completely different place.


Cecilotta said...

Oh, boy. How come girls camp is never that fun?

Chris just got home from a week away too (not fun for him or me). Good thing too, because his boy spent the entire week freaking out. I think I'm going to go live at Barnes and Noble for the day. You're totally invited - think you can make it?

Karisa said...

Yes, but where the heck do you live now! If you're still in Europe, I'll be a couple days getting there.

But I think you're back SOMEWHERE...

Cecilotta said...

We're in Baltimore now. Bit easier to get to, not quite as fun :)