Saturday, July 27, 2013


Christmas 2008 we got our dog Bella.  Last week she was hit by a car and died.  We had just finished up family night where we had gone outside for the activity, and no one noticed that she'd gotten out too.  But she always runs around the neighborhood because she's an escape artist, and since everyone is on 2-5 acres of land, she can go far without really going far, and she always ends up on our porch waiting for us.  After we'd gone inside from the activity and had a treat, there came a knock at our door.  I was happy thinking it was one of our neighbors, but it wasn't.  A kind lady had brought her to us and said she had no choice, Bella ran right out in front of her.  We thanked her, and through our tears, hurried and dug a grave and buried her and had a nice funeral.  Everyone said something except Sam and Evan, but Sam wrote some beautiful things in his journal.  I don't know what he wrote because I don't read my kids journals, but I walked by and saw a lot of writing and a beautiful picture of him and Bella outside.  It was very sad.  The next day Sam and Evan made a sign and decorated the grave.

I remembered reading a story from Grandma Mary where a dog she loved was standing beside the road and as she watched him, a car purposely swerved to hit him and he was killed.  She was devastated, but after tears and anguish of heart, she decided to get over it and to be happy thinking, 'At least it wasn't one of my children'. I thought that showed a lot of wisdom. 
Evan said, "There's two places I like to go when I'm sad.  The place where Bella is buried, and the pole where Dad killed the bunnies".  He is really so sweet. 
Honestly I think the whole R.I.P. part is funny.  Where did they learn (besides Halloween) that that goes on a grave?

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Christy said...

I am so sorry for you and your family. Losing a dog is always hard and she is adorable. :( I am glad you have a home and property where you can bury her and the kids can visit her. That is a blessing.