Sunday, July 21, 2013

So much love for this boy!

And for all my boys!  And girl!
Dallas playing piano with Charles.

When Charlie laughs he just sounds like he's growling.  Appropriate that his nick-name is Bear.  When he's upset it takes him a while to start crying too- he mostly just growls again.  Like he's patiently saying he's got needs, and if they're not met in a few minutes things are going to get bad!  He's such a good boy!  The only thing that makes him mad almost instantly is when we lay him down on his stomach and try to teach him to roll over.  He hates it!

There's our chubby Bear.

He's so cute!  My babies have never liked swings.  But we have used this bouncy chair with every single one and they love it! I love that I can tell how excited they are when they have a burst of energy that sends them bouncing!

This is my other bouncy chair I've had since Dallas.  I would die without this in the first months of having a newborn.  Charlie's getting tummy muscles now and once he starts sitting up easily then we put away the chair since he can tip it over.  But in those first months it is essential!  I set it on the counter and cook while I talk to him, or feed him, or fold laundry, etc.  He is spoon fed about once a day now.  Some days he's not interested.  Some days we can't spoon it in fast enough!
There are really only a few essential items I need to take care of a baby.  I'm learning this more and more.  I've never had a changing table and never missed it.  We just change the babies on the bed or on the floor.  If they're messy- just lay down a towel first.  But these two bouncy chairs, a carseat, a bed, blankets, clothes, diapers & wipes, diaper bag, bath stuff (I just buy a $2.00 basin like Grandma used to wash dishes in for when they're small, then when they can sit up they can go in the regular bath), and of course bottles and formula for me since I can't nurse.  I've liked the glass bottles this time.  But they do break when dropped!  I only kept two baby toys from my other kids, but Charlie likes anything and everything.  I could give him a cucumber and he'd think it was neat!  Fortunately the kids have plenty of toys and books he can safely borrow!  And there's always thrift stores.

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