Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leia in Charge

Last night's family night was so funny.  Leia was in charge as the director.

Leia has been waiting for the chance to have family night for FOREVER!!!  Since last week!!!!

Our family night chart thingy.  I made it years ago.  Leia is the flower, Dallas the frog, Evan the star, Me & Charlie the tree, Pat the car, and Sam the robot.  We just rotate them.  The first one is Director-pumps everyone up, then, Scribe(records what we did and who was there), Songs person picks the songs, Lesson, Activity, Treat & Testimony- whoever has Treat also has to bear testimony to open up testimony time.  We'll need to add one more for Charlie in about a year. Ideas?  Maybe a Performance!

It started off with her calling us all to come, and her brothers ignored her so much she eventually gave up and burst into tears.  We fixed it all, and she moved on shouting:

Welcome to Family Night!!
Now we'll have a song by Dad and a prayer by Sam!
Now it's time for Family Business!
Now we'll have a lesson by...


We never needed to prompt her with what to say next.  She's been paying attention!

And at the end, she picked herself to say the closing prayer.  Usually someone helps her, and she just repeats what they say.  But last night, we left her alone.

And boy did she ever pray :)  It went on and on and on.... She was practically shouting.  We were shaking with laughter trying to not make a sound.   Granted, we can barely understand her, but we caught things about her "happy birthday", things about her brothers and asking God to bless them to not be bad to her (individually by name), so many things.  I know she asked Jesus to protect her from bad guys and said that Jesus loves her.  We were there for a very long time.

Sometimes I feel bad, because it's easy to ignore her and just say 'uh-huh' when she's talking because with her speech issues, she's so hard to understand.  But she is really, really smart, and has so so much to say, and understands everything so well, that we kind of cheat her by not engaging her in more conversation.  It's just so difficult.  We end up so frustrated with each other because I honestly can't make out what she's trying to tell me.  It breaks my heart for her.  She is a leader, and I hope she can overcome her present difficulties someday.  Dallas too.

For our activity we went outside and practiced jumping-rope with Pat and I turning at the sides.  We just left it on the ground for Leia.  She never got air, but she looked super cute.  The kids all loved it.

Our pool-side resort.

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