Monday, July 1, 2013

Seven Evan!

Evan is now seven!  Yea!!! 
Sam's gift.  They never get tired of Legos.

He asked for a chocolate peanut butter cake.  It was really good!

Evan had no bike and we figured he needed one and needed to learn how to ride so he could ride with his brothers.  So this was his present from Grandma and Aunt Steph and Uncle T. (I hope that's okay Grandma, Steph and T)  He was so excited to wake up on his birthday and see this sitting here in the living room!  He loves it!  He has been practicing ever since, but it's kind of hard on our rocky dirt roads.

This is how much cake was left after we all had a piece.  I threw it all away to not eat sugar.  I should probably just make smaller cakes, but then there's not as much decorating space.  So I guess I should invite people over, or family should just swing by!  It's only 10-20 hours!

Sam helped me make hamburger buns for dinner.

We had these black bean and quinoa burgers on the buns and they were so good!  I wish they were a tad bit easier.  They're not hard, but not easy either.  You have to sautee onions and spices, cook a cup of quinoa, and then put all of that and a can of black beans and panko bread crumbs (or I used crushed up rice crackers) in a food processor to get it somewhat fine, then shape and fry.  But they cook terrific and stay together really well and taste wonderful.  But I'm kind of a 30 minute girl.  I don't often make meals that take longer than that.  This is one that I will, but I may make a lot and freeze them so I don't have to do it so much.

Evan is always doing something.  It's kind of hard to see, but he cut out and assembled the first thanksgiving here while I was busy helping somebody else with school.  He took the picture because he was proud of it.

These guys enjoyed the party.  Charlie didn't get cake and has a sense that something is missing in his life.

S and E dressing up their animals.

My favorite picture of the day was my big bedtime hug!  He was smiling, but didn't like his picture being taken, Pat said.  He always jumps up on us like this, and I'm glad he's still not too big. 
Aunt Steph got him and all the kids CamelBaks!  Now they always have water during the day and when we travel around!
Dallas got Evan some awesome water guns that he worked a lot of chores to afford!
We got him a jar of thinking putty.  It changes color as he plays with it.
And Evan has some presents he gets to pick out on his own with Grandmama and Papi's gift card.  Thank you!!! So I'd say he's a pretty blessed guy!  He is a wonderful son, so helpful, so kind and so fun with the best laugh and smile.  You should have seen him getting his birthday spanks!  We love you Eegee!   

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Christy said...

You should put the rest of the cake in the freezer and the you could have had it on the 4th of July. I always freeze our extras and it works great!