Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dinners Lately

I know I've said it before, but lately I'm really in love with these black bean quinoa burgers.  Here they are on Taco Salad.

Here as a burger!

And Pat is finally sold on Yams.  He loves these black bean/roasted yam type burritos we make. I love it when he makes homemade tortillas!

Spinach pizza/whole wheat crust.

This recipe was recommended by a friend.  These Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches were so good (with Romaine lettuce).  Pat always takes left-overs to work and it was one of those lunches that make the co-workers jealous!

Here's another great find of late: Sweet and Sour Chicken, but we call it Orange chicken.  I have tried so many recipes for Sweet and Sour Chicken that have turned out less than wonderful and were SO MUCH WORK!  I gave up until I tried this one.  Still a lot of work- but not as bad.  More than a normal dinner would be in my house, and not healthy, so it's a once or twice a year dinner, but it really turns out looking like this and tasting as good as you think this tastes.  Even better! Crispy sweet savory delicious!

We did ours with brown rice and Pat always makes extra rice when we make rice so he can have rice patties for breakfast.  You mix it up with eggs and fry like pancakes and top with butter and powdered sugar.

 Shrimp Fajitas above (LOVE), and Mushroom Soup below (LOVE). 

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