Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam!

Since Karisa is recovering from her surgery she asked me to write about Sam's birthday.   I'm not sure why she asked  me besides the fact that I'm devilishly handsome and incredibly funny because despite those features I'm a pretty terrible writer.  I'll try to do her justice and not just fill the following with corny jokes and lyrics to songs and movie quotes from the 80s that no one will know but me.

Sam wasn't sure what his birthday theme should be...well, before we get into that a slight side story, I'll try to explain, no there is too much, let me sum up.  Dallas got a library card and learned how to place books on hold online so the last time Karisa went to the library the boys had around TEN Captain Underpants books, she threw her hands in the air and the boys have been reading about superheros dressed in underwear for the last little while.

So, now back to Sam's birthday.  He didn't know what he wanted on his cake so, since they'd been reading about him so much, Karisa decided to make it a Captain Underpants theme.  It was fun.  I came home from work and there was a sign on the front door (by Dallas) saying "Notice: All underwear in display is not real (therefore to prevent stink) we are not held responsible for any underwear stink (or underwear allergic reaction)", and inside the house, there was underwear everywhere.

One more side note before we get into the pictures.  I didn't pick them, Karisa did, so I'm not sure that what I'm going to say about them will make any sense.

It's the final countdown!  We're ready to get this party started.

Isn't Karisa wonderful and didn't she make an AWESOME cake!

Sam: "You guys are embarrassing me, why don't you make like a tree and get out of here."

Dallas drew underwear on the balloons for us.  We later played balloon soccer where we tried to hit the balloons to our "goalie" who then had to pop them with a pin to get a point.

Underwear everywhere.  That's what happens when you get them wet.  At least we didn't feed them after midnight.

I'm impressed, I couldn't even trace this good on paper in high school.  I told Karisa it was nicely done and she said: "Really?  It took me like three hours to finish the shading on George's upper lip.  It's probably the best drawing I've ever done."
Actually, in all seriousness, Karisa and the boys worked on the posters together.  This was a poster for pin the underwear on the hero.  The underwear from the walls didn't quite fit him.

Sam hugged everyone really, really big when he was done opening the presents from them.

Dallas made him a board game from cardboard, here are the pieces.

Sweep the leg.

Well, there's the best looking picture of the bunch.  Charlie: "I'm too sexy for this shirt."

Karisa made an ice cream cake that turned out excellent.  Our neighbors came down for a little bit and ate some which was good because she didn't have any left to throw away, and an ice cream cake would have been hard to take to work which is what I normally do with leftover birthday cake (where I proceed to try to get diabetes by eating it for breakfast, mid morning snack and lunch).
We love our Sam and are grateful that he's been part of our family for the last nine years.  Happy Underwear....uh, I mean birthday Sam.

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Sarah said...

I'm am totally impressed with the cake and posters and sheer awesomeness of this whole thing! Also, bonus points for a Nap D. reference that made me actually laugh out loud. Happy birthday Sam!